Too much for me to handle….!!!!

Cant believe why I still carry my 55 kg body to school. Its just too bizarre. Eleventh standard is cool and stuff, but you still don’t get that special feel…that special kick…if you get what i mean. I love my school for sure…its one of the best schools in the country….but its still plain…life’s still plain…and I still don’t know the reason behind it.
And after that 1 hell of a pack of boring 7 hours(
even though educationally beneficial), i come home to just find myself inside the PC…chatting and now blogging. My mind cries to me,”Dude…what the hell..!! you are truly wasting your time”, of which i take no notice simply because of…actually…no reason at all…!
After going through my school notes last week, the only thing i understood(
besides Integration and Limits) was that I’ve lost my old approach to my life. Gone were those days when the sun used to shine brightly on your face and you jump up and say, “Hey, today was a great day…!”


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