The portrait of nature through waste management…!

da Vinci told nature was the supreme and Michelangelo told nature was a villain we all have to overcome. The latter saw art as originating from inner inspiration and from culture while the former saw art as nature itself(and vice versa).  

Well…this just confused me. Taking my few steps into this new word of art and nature…art because i am told by others that I am a fairly good artist(frankly I don’t think so…after seeing so many art works on the net and all) and nature just because I have to study this Environmental Science as a compulsory subject and that I have to prepare a project work on nature and its conservation.

Well anyways, it is just hard for me to relate these two…but I have to relate them in anyway as art is my only strength compared to my capable colleagues and nature is my topic. Believe me, I tried to draw this scenery once…and it turned out so bad that i had to change the topic of the picture to Waste disposal and management!! 

And now that I found myself comfortable with the idea of Waste Management, I tried to change my topic in that direction…and I frankly thought I could do justice to the topic since when I was a kid, I used to see ‘Captain Planet‘ all the time(boy…that cartoon rocked…!).

The next week onwards I tried to convince myself that I was the supreme lord of knowledge of Waste management while trying to mug up all that I could get from Wikipedia, Encarta, Brittanica,… and all and finally I wrote this incredibly large project with actually nothing in it except Reduce, Reuse and Recycle! And oh! I totally forgot to paint one on waste management, and the idea that started it all remained an Idea…!


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