“HOLY” DAYS…phew!!

Well, holidays are here again…..after a long stretch of exams.
I thought the exams were the worst part, but the series of unfortunate events that followed it were just too much.
First of all, my computer crashed….it was the hard drive…it had a bad sector on the C: drive…and ever since then…my computer has been acting wackier day by day( It even showed my primary hard disc as a removable device!).

Then the tuitions started and the work-load just fell on me like a huge pile of rocks that were having some hell of potential energy of keeping them suspended at a higher place.

Other interesting events were the school magazine preparation(i prefer this word over ‘compiling’)…and there are supposed to be some editors for it but only one of them happen to show up everytime..so as an art editor(now I can tell that with confidence), I had to do one hell of a job…

And I’m just waiting for it to come out…so that I’ll atleast have something to be pleased with myself.

Well then, I think it is time I had better things to do…
So may Lord have mercy on all those poor souls(can also mean those of shoes for better cause) who have just found their ‘holy’days too hot to handle.


4 Responses to ““HOLY” DAYS…phew!!”

  1. The Smokin' WDM2 Says:

    korachu chalukal koodippoyi machu!

  2. The Smokin' WDM2 Says:

    da manda.. dont u reply to comments or chk ur blog for them?

  3. Nitin SJ Narayanan Says:

    dude…chill….if you read this more than two times…i’m sure your attitude would change….

    for godsake…this shit is all damn true..!!

  4. Nitin SJ Narayanan Says:

    well….whenever i’m online i do that…and thats why everyone of ur blogs has my comment…well…almost tleast everyone of them…

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