Sour 17! Come on! It is the FINAL SCHOOL YEAR…!!

Here I am… in front of my final school year-the 12th. It is just hard to imagine how two years went by like two minutes. I still kinda visualize me still in 10th and not even writing the boards. Nothing has changed so much in these two years…but it is to be noticed that some friends became close and others distant.

Hah! My School! 12 years I’ve lived here! My second home.


11th flew like a jet-black cheetah…a few good memories still remain. It was the year that I began categorizing my friends, and I was shocked to see how many of them didn’t like me around. And those were the ones who had used my help in a great way at least once in their lives. Not that helping people is my passion, but I like helping my friends out…and this is what I get-more strangers. Even some don’t even know the facts about me that other students from various schools know.

Well…what the heck! Why am I whining and moaning? At least I now know who my real friends are… and much to my surprise…the good old friends are still my friends. No enemies or rivals though…so no regrets.

The sweetest things are the good things…so I learned to draw girls and female anatomy, I learned some certain dance moves complete with a Suicide-hand-stand, a shoulder spin-e-rooni, worm, and the flip-up. And hell yeah! I graduated from a football novice to something better than that! What more could you ask from such a tiny minute year!

Ok, so the New Academic Year. Looking down to distant future, I only see study, study [Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V, Ctrl+V, Ctrl+V] and only Study. So now I wont be here like I was before, but I’ll be here, and that is a sure thing.

Well then… I’ll just enjoy my few weeks of newly found freedom and then switch up the gear. God! Is the year over yet..???


2 Responses to “Sour 17! Come on! It is the FINAL SCHOOL YEAR…!!”

  1. The Smokin' WDM2 Says:

    Yeah! 11h literally flew in front of our eyes!

    I wonder what’s in store… ok man.. meet u on 14th 🙂

  2. Nitin SJ Narayanan Says:


    dude…i knew u would saw that….

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