The Vacuum in School this year

The school year thus began…only with a sad note. Our beloved DP bid farewell to our school this year. A walking inspiration to many and the best teacher that ever walked on the Loyola campus, just …without any forenote moved on to better things(as it seems).

She has always been the bridge between the teachers and the students as well as a strong pillar for the school. There is always a time in the year which stated “School is DP”! She was, no doubt, the essence of the school. The chief organiser of the best farewell assemblies and of the best inter-school cultural festival the city has ever seen-La FEST, she has indeed achieved and experienced all the joys and the hardships in her role as the ‘Perfect Loyola Teacher’.
The importance of DP in Loyola is truly stated in Sriram‘s and Ashok‘s(an alumnus) note on her.

I, for one ,has been in touch with DP even from the sixth grade. She used to call me for certain jobs she trusted I could do. No one can be so lucky to be encouraged by DP at a young age. She even visited my home to instruct me and to help me out with the work on the magazine at that time. There is this teacher student bond that a dedicated teacher shares with her students…and I have been so lucky to have established that with DP even before she taught me. The one year(i.e. the last year) that she taught me does not feel as such…it views itself to me as DP has taught me for years.

It just makes us students happy to see that DP is happy wherever she is. And we are all proud to be the last batch DP taught in Loyola and we’ll try our best to make La FEST and our lives the way she wanted…happy, organised, and worth living and re-living.


4 Responses to “The Vacuum in School this year”

  1. The Smokin' WDM2 Says:

    Very true my good man… Got a mail from DP saying she’s all emotionally disturbed too. hm…

  2. Nitin SJ Says:

    @the smoker

    hope she’ll keep the lafest at its best this time too…

  3. Syam Says:

    nice post….
    umm wonder if u knowme
    keep wondering
    for im wondering who you are too… dear. apparant… junior.
    um il be here

  4. Nitin SJ Says:


    chetta…you know me..

    ..and thank you…

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