The Better Half

I looked at her…she was busy with her Differential calculus sums. Maths class was about to be over…only twenty more minutes. The topic was easy and I just glanced my book at my finished sums. But then some unknown feeling drove my focus in her direction. I looked at her. Her soft eyes… Her delicate cheeks…

She was my friend, but I had something more to offer her than friendship. The stomach killing continued as I stared at her… it was always strange… the only friend who gave me stomach killing and over-adrenaline flow was her…that too from the first day I saw her. She was so perfect…perfect to an artistic imagination, I must say. It was pure affection as I saw it…I wanted her…as a companion, to share my spiritual self…more than anything.

7 o’ clock passed by…only fifteen more minutes…and then I get to see her only the next week. It was hard…One week…without that small inch of comfort I experience chatting with her. But then I had my studies to look forward to…twelfth grade was never easy.

A loud noise cracked my attention, it was Sir who started to give out the answers to the questions. Good Day! I got all of them right! Class dismissed! I waited outside, soon she came out. A quick smile, a brief exchange of unexpressed expressions… and my wave of discontentment began to fade away. I made my way to the bus stop. Things echoed in my mind…”dy by dx of …., oh! Her eyes…”


4 Responses to “The Better Half”

  1. Joe Says:

    is this real man?…………………

  2. Nitin SJ Says:


    let imagination run free…man…

  3. Nitin SJ Says:


    if this post offends you…please keep a goalkeeper and some defenders.
    dont keep wingers… because i dont have a post(goalpost) on my side…

    any resemblance to anyone living, dead or non-living is happening because people think so…

    NB: the disclaimer is meant for everyone except me…

  4. Kaimal Says:

    Her Who?

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