To the Left…to the LEFT!!

hmm…so here I am…

Its hard…real hard.
The obvious lack of serenity…the sense of loneliness and lost…the confusion…the procrastination…the inneffective load lifted by the ‘total-internal’ fulcrum in the head…and what do you get?? Nothing, absolutely nothing at all!
Well people, welcome to the month of September of a 12th grader.

Its actually fun! Well… actually, considering the other side, i.e. hmm…not doing anything and becoming a loser, its fun. But then, if we take into account the amount of time, space and energy spend, the amino acids burned, the coefficient of friction between some cello pen and the fingers lost due to all that what is to be done, the girls you look but you restrict yourself to nothing because you want “no distraction” and stuff,…and the final result, somewhere bigger with more people to compete, and more fights to fight, more showing off to show off…ITS PUNISHMENT!!

So…posts may become occasional…

and they will get madder and wackier… see..!!


One Response to “To the Left…to the LEFT!!”

  1. The Smokin' WDM2 Says:

    dude… amen

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