Whatever happened to the HER? The crap that precedes the over procrastinating bull…. has come to a sudden full stop.

Can’t blame her! She was there only to help, only as a friend, and so she patiently waited for the outflow, but was unaware of what evil it tailed it…. and so …and so it happened like what most experts call the in-line war of the minds.

Thengakolaas flew in all directions, Suck-ups ran for cover, fragments busted in a sudden shock wave.

Can’t blame her! She was there only to lend her friend a helping hand. Who thought the kiss would have landed on her lips covered in cherry. Bad Boy thought she. But then all these ulakams she also felt something….something intense…

All was well and she looked at him straight in the eyes. He did not look into hers. She then all of a sudden, breaking the ere silence, kissed him, all the anger, friendship and whatever crap, converted to one single feeling, the Eternal one I suppose, but that doesn’t matter as long as one cares. The suck-ups came out embarrassed.

They were expecting heads to platter and fragments to fall off from all directions and all that f…. crap. Too bad there retarding shit didn’t come to that. It is although the mere avalanching show of the human mind-to discredit one and shove off another…what bull….!!What inclusion of seclusion of conclusion! Period.

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4 Responses to “I, CRAP !”

  1. The Smokin' WDM2 Says:

    yeah.. too bad…

    I’m getting more and more curious… i thought people write sense into a blog.. but u cant blame the blog always, u know 🙂

    And the OS has its own share of troubles as well.. the heatsink and the HDD too, I suppose.

  2. Nitin SJ Says:


    and yeah yeah..gsh…gsh…

    and it was the graphics’ card too…

  3. Hari Says:

    Whoa. That was so incorrigibly messy that you could almost put it in your CV!!

    It all sounded cool, but seriously, I had to read it about, say, 4 times to get head or tail out of it. Ordinary mortal that I am. As Meroviginian remarked to Neo in The Matrix Reloaded: “Only a human.” Yeah!

    Make your posts simple. Believe me, your blog’s goanna be insanely-popular! Great attempt,anyway!!
    By the way, where did the ‘thengakolas’ come from? 😀

  4. Nitin SJ Says:


    yea man…i’ll look up to it…and the ‘thengakolaas’..long story bhai…long story…

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