MAYBE NOT…afterall…

[the sequel to ‘BLOODY COUNTRY…! is it? ]

Maybe it is isn’t what it seems…afterall they are buddies…or maybe not. Hmm…too many arbitiary constants.
Anyway…about what I was to explain. A slight misunderstanding of me understanding the original problem.

It was not because of the peer pleasure they are to get from the so called ‘Theppu’ program they are planning to execute on me, it is because of reasons of higher order.

I was a bad boy in communicating…so they thought whatever I said was made up.

Now the thing is that they made me say this and they are not willing to believe it. They are still believing some arsehole who supposedly tells them that he knows everything…sad! Now that they are not willing to believe anything I say, I just stopped saying.

Funny it is…first I thought they wanted to take me out because they believed in what I said, now I know that they want to take me out because they don’t believe me and they still think that I am a very good story-maker, and they have made a decision that this story went a li’l too far. If they beleieve it or not, I don’t give a fuck!, but the Attitude is killing me. Now what can I say? Is there anything left…


One Response to “MAYBE NOT…afterall…”

  1. The Smokin' WDM2 Says:

    haha.. what crap that guy has posted! Congrats on ur first spam!

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