O-EIGHT…! Here I come….!

I do not know how to express myself in this matter at this point of time. This year will surely turn out to be one of the important years of my life. As the year 2008 clearly cries out, I’ll be eighteen this May, and so will oficially step into adulthood which comes with an offer pack of a two wheeler as well as a four wheeler driving license. But the state of matters at hand now seem to echo the fact that there is a probability that all this joy may be covered in sand, the way it may chance in the form of my exam results. They will not only decide my future, but also my stand in the world. So it all sums up to the utter insignifant fact that I’ll be facing a whole lot of crucial exams…for which I think I should start atleast some kind of preperation.

So as I”ve decided, I will enclose myself in such a cocoon filled with all that waste, and after I incline myself to put that waste to atleast some good use, I will have to take care of myself and look to it that I should stop the Net-swimming for a few more months. Now, Where was that Text on Integral Calculus…?


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