De-solemn Mythology

Well…I think this is the time for one more transformation. Everyone has grown up. I am about 18 and this surely calls for a change. But before that, let me brief on my present condition.

Last time I was a school-boy, so little and so limited in power. Bound by the pressures was I. But now, I have officially finished my schooling and I have emerged a successful Loyolite. First time I am seeing myself in the mirror and satisfied. Content I am now.

Ok. So that was it. End of recapitulation. Metamorphosis is over…but I’m still trying to attain the thing, that special feeling…or let’s say the vibrancy or the iridescence in my life. And I have found that this will take some while. Till then I’ll be in the Trans stage. Sad.

Moving on…I’ve just made my bit of startup changes in here. The new address is (Sigh! …I know its utter pointlessness that I’m giving the id in the page itself…) and the title just upgraded (not repeating!). More will chance this year. But for now, lets settle for the news from the boards.
The boards went well…but this year it was rather a kick in the neck with some papers really making insomniac overdriven arse-holes out of us. (Sigh! No I did not cry!! Goddammit!) and it was obvious that the students weren’t bothered as well. While others found out ways to quench their insatiable thirst for stuff like lust and all, I just found my time finally reading a textbook! And oh, while studying I sketched a few strokes. It came out rather well…comparing my earlier attempts…and it was rather satisfactory.

So Long. Have to prepare for the entrance. Don’t know what will chance…I’ll just have to wait it seems…


2 Responses to “De-solemn Mythology”

  1. Kaimal Says:

    how about some colours?

  2. n i t i n Says:


    no man….this is enough!! don’t you think???

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