Long ago, in a galaxy far far away a creator lived. This creator was a creature, no doubt, but was also humane in a sense irrational and irrelative to what the marsupials thought of him. But this creator never held on to his creations. He left it the way he made it, perfect, and content to himself. The summation of the diffractive ways in which he reduced his so thought burden was to present his most priced and obviously heaviest creations to his near and dear. But there was his forbidden past…filled with theyngakolaas, theppupettees and all that.


Way before, when time was thought to be flowing as a river, and when strength was measured hand to hand, it showed. But somehow, in his very perspective, the creator was disturbed. His walls were falling, the protective force-field failing. He sensed it, but was unable to overcome it. Only and only if his dear and near were here, he thought. And so came down his eyes.


Light Years and Sound Years flew by. Then came the time. He opened his eyes…only to find himself metamorphised to a being of a higher dimension. He saw his dear and near. Tears began to sense gravity. They have also elevated. The helping hand bend into the vortex with the one who craved for it. Good, atleast it was something he was grateful for. Never again would the cosmos chance between him and them. So thankful he was, both to them and the vortexiual entity which oversaw everything. He thought, “They have come. Finally.” and optically conducted himself to their proximity. “This is life!”, sighed he.



2 Responses to “I, CRAP, AGAIN!”

  1. The Smokin' WDM2 Says:

    wtf man.. couldnt make head or tail out of it.
    PS: Visit mine… u’ll be surprised. I seriously repent what I did for the past one day 😉

  2. buu Says:

    nee idakkide ee period ..???

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