That Better Half…



Forgive this soul if this article offends you. Sorry.

And oh! this article is vegetarian. After all, we need Sustainable development!!


I’ve always wanted to tell her. But everytime I looked at her she looked at me like a friend. A best friend. My nervous system felt like losing all its ganglions. But whenever she was near, I felt it like a kitten, so tamed and controlled, unlike the beast I was, otherwise. And I almost felt it was better. I had everything. A good friend, and I was doing well in life as well. But then every good thing has an end. This had one too…and it came rather swiftly.

Every mp3 player has a stop button and every tamed cat has a lease. I felt like everything losing me and I losing everything at the same time. All people spacing away. But then I cannot afford to lose my strength. So many people look up to me even though the opposite is the majority. I really hate the valleys and the gorges laid down by nature in the minds that distances people. It kills me. Inch by inch. But I need to live. Live upto the expectations. I feel like I’m hurting someone I really needn’t and shouldn’t be hurting. Sorry Mom. You told me to never hurt anyone, but I am unable to find out how and why I’m hurting them. Sad.

All these years flew by. But have I ever made a good friend? I doubt it now. As I look at my image in the mirror, it speaks to me. Shouts at me. The beast may be released. And I fear it greatly. All friendships are breaking their kernels. Its each one for himself. Cruel World. No place for emotions. Maybe this is what life teaches the ones who were always light at heart. I always cared about you, but you didn’t realise. I take it my fault. After all, I am a human, aint I?

Its time to right the wrongs. I dont want to be an adult already. Sex is not a reason. It never was, either. You can have it as a baby too. And beautiful girls dont vanish just one fine day. Its too much. Responsibilities are too much. I couldnt handle the burden of my own creations, how am I supposed to handle others’? I feel a new-found respect for my parents. All these years, I was ignorant. A fool I was.

Now I feel she is far away. But hey, I just bought a new set of wheels. Lets see if I can revert back to my former bubbly self. Its all in the wits, and the strength. Let God, my friend, drive me. I think I forgot to give God his share last time. This time I’ll not forget. Dude, you asked for it, You’ll get it!! I don’t care for anything now. Now, where’s the Nitrous Oxide button!!? The bubbly self is far better. Who wants to be an adult! Mom! where’s the remote??

Ah! Now I feel a lot better. Need to hear more of Rock! Slash, I’m missing you. Madonna, you too. By the way, I love my life and I’ll figure out something I can do with it. Yipee!! I’m excited. Has anyone seen the Getbackers on Animax. If you haven’t then its Sad, just plain Sad! Go download some eps. And some of Red vs Blue too. They rock!! Two more things in my life, Okay, I think I’ll handle too… After all, its just beautiful women and Driver’s License. Hail Arnie, Hrithik and Stallone!! Love you Shriya Saran, Jessica Alba, Charlize Theron, Carmen Electra and Sushmita Sen. Hoh! now to tell her:

Dear dearest,

I love you with my life. No not like that!! Wait!! No dont leave!!! Try to understand yaar!


I didnt mean to be rude with you. Here, Let me right the wrongs.

I am not like your other friends. Thode Hattke he. Adjust karne padegi!!

I always love my friends. Will do anything for them. Its when they leave me that I break down.

More will chance and disasters will fall…But I’ll stand. The first and Last time I just Fell.

Never again in my life I’ll Fall, ever again!
Dear, I’m back, And I’ll need you to lead the way. Make me the kitten I’ve always wanted to be.


8 Responses to “That Better Half…”

  1. Sriram P Says:

    Touching… well, hope everything goes as you hope and she reads this and understands 🙂

    Dont wanna be nitpicking here, but I think you meant ‘leash’ and not ‘lease’ (for the tamed cat).

    I try to follow the ABPAD rule(a blog post a day) now. Its working fine 😀

    Enjoy the hols man.. nammal ellarum thyenju. What dreams we had 😦 No use brooding over that now. We’ll cross the bridge wen we come to it. Peace.

  2. g-man Says:

    well, like it or not, you are an adult. n where the hell does sex come into the picture? just chill man…don’t think too much about stuff, that’s when problems start coming up

  3. n i t i n Says:


    dude…i hope so..
    neways Goodluck with your ABPAD thingy…. 😀


    atleast it stopped with sex… i am just happy it did…
    and thanks for warning…i think i’ll need it…

  4. Sriram P Says:

    @nitin: I’ve scrapped my ABPAD thing… i can manage it but its a pain in the ass to read a blog everyday i suppose.
    and chk.. latest post… something that u’ll love for sure 🙂

  5. Merlz Says:

    Well…didn’t know that you had such a sensitive side to you too…

  6. n i t i n Says:


    dear, you know nothing about me…:D

  7. buu Says:

    thalle pulle…
    blog iloodeem vaattu;… hehe…:D
    btw aliyo…
    nee oro post kairyumbo desp koodunna…videde..theernallo..ini no more tuts…
    u stop all this…..
    try blogging the ” Yo! “

  8. n i t i n Says:


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