Whatever the doc ordered…

It’s just fascinating how different people look at life. No matter how similar they are each one always has a different perspective about life. It’s just funny how different people perceive the various situations in life. Just imagine the various variables that come into considering the complex riddle called life. You can see how everyone has a clearly different and definite perspective. Each one has a definite pathway laid before them yet they are so uncertain about the future.

Look how feeble and powerless how we humans are!! But then there are still some in this world who believe the way of the world is with us. Sheesh! Do they ever stop to think that they are one in a million and they are just part of a huge probability that starts even from the day their makers had sex! Come on, let’s face it! Still there is a probability that which sperm head pokes the egg in the ovary first! It’s just a plain fact that even your existence is a part of a probability which depends upon countless variables some of which you don’t even know existed.

But then there is the all-consuming ego which no one can afford to be affected by anyone or anything. Come on! Should I explain this one too!! It’s just too simple!! When was the last time you ever listened to your mom or dad or anyone for that fact? You always thought they were up to something and that they gained some shit from you listening to them. When was the last time you approached your son or dear daughter to tell them they are old enough to even choosing which subject they study!!?? Yes, there were always excuses. Excuses, excuses and more excuses! Why the fuck do you always have to find excuses for the shit around you. Tell me, is it normal human behavior or some new shit trend catching up on dear Hindustan???

“Have you ever considered remarriage?” I asked so to an A.I. bot called Monica* and she replied :“Why are you asking me such a question? Have you ever considered?” Now, why the fuck should I reconsider remarriage, is she trying to marry me or something????

I know I’m swaying away from the topic in normal directions, but then it was never about this topic, was it?? It was the simple point of writing what came into my mind spontaneously!! Oh! What a relief!! What are you looking at??? Comment!

*Names changed to protect privacy

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7 Responses to “Whatever the doc ordered…”

  1. Sriram Says:

    The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dawg.
    hell yeah,
    Jackdaws love my big sphinx of quartz

  2. g-man Says:

    different perspective? half of them don’t know what their perspective is, half of the rest only have one because they want to have one and adopt someone else’s, and most of the other half have perspectives contradictory to those of the people they know, just to be *unique*. that’s true in the case of most of the people i know. i find it easier to look at stuff from different points of view so i can understand stuff better.

    feeble and powerless? i think not! if nothing, you have the power to end it all.

    excuses, true, that’s mainly because people don’t like to blame themselves and tell others they blame themselves.

    humans are possessive, selfish, egoistic and egotistic to say the least. let me tell you something…be a misanthrope then, see how you like that!

  3. n i t i n Says:


    ehmm……no…i never told anything about myself….did i?? and a misanthrope…no man, no chance, i am better off being n i t i n 😀

    btw…your views have thrown some new neon light on the thing..thanks man…!

  4. narendran Says:

    well i did not read it…..i liked ur drawing of ash……and foto of arihant series

  5. Hari Shanker R. Says:


    I’m speechless. 😐

    To cut a long comment short (or is it the other way round?), great crap! Crap redefined. Great attempt at arbit-blogging. Sounds pretty cool, nevertheless.

    Was that an attempt at de-stressing yourself? Pardon me if I’m wrong, just guessing!

    Dude… you have Future! And I mean it! 🙂 Keep writing!

  6. buu Says:

    hai hari nd narendran..

  7. n i t i n Says:

    @narendran 😐

    @buu : “ditto”

    @ hari bhai: blink blink….!! 😀 yeah was kinda….

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