I, CRAP, one more time!

He looked into the mirror. It was there, right before him, as crystal clear as the obnoxious oxymoronic freaks around him. He saw his future. Confused was he. Couldn’t figure out which timeline he belonged to. The alternate time-stream slowly crept into the normal laid down time-stream, its branches slowly intersecting and blocking the latter. Only if he had someone to give him the security he needed, a compassionate soul, a satisfying being, a pleasant being of character that which eventually light his spirits, elevating it to new extremes beyond comprehension.

NB: as you have noticed earlier, this post is utterly meaningless as long as you are too desp for anything. It’s just for the mere satisfaction of the mind of a lower being, who is trying to find his future by reflecting to his past. I know it’s sad shit, that’s the whole point. Letting the garbage out on its own won’t help, therefore, I’m taking the courtesy.


8 Responses to “I, CRAP, one more time!”

  1. g-man Says:

    maybe he just needs to not think for a while

  2. n i t i n Says:

    wah! bhai…what an idea?? mene yeh pehle kyu nahi sotcha….!!!

  3. avineshdaman Says:

    i agree with g-man. a very logical suggestion

  4. g-man Says:

    ah how i love the sweet taste of sarcHasm

  5. idivettukanaaran Says:

    come….i will show u the way…..

  6. n i t i n Says:

    @avinesh the maadan
    so do i…

    everyone does chetta….everyone

    dyryamundengil munnottu vaada mundeykkal shekhara!!! aarada ni?? whois??

  7. Sriram Says:

    hey where did maadu come from?

  8. buu Says:


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