There’s always a reason for everything. If you ask me, every single damn thing has a fuckin reason behind. Let it be a small one or a big one. But still there’s reason. It’s natural human tendency to find reason in anything, and so that is what he did. He found a reason to achieve what he wanted. Once he had that specific reason that completely and satisfactorily explains his actions in the due course, the reason thus finds importance. It’s not the finality that we, the humans, want, it’s the reason, an explanation for your actions. So much so that the end product is ignored completely. How Sad.

The inevitability of the finality is often ignored and so it becomes a complication. You can’t eat reasons, can you. In what way does reason give anyone orgasms. The reason why you bone your girl in a 69 position needn’t be explained as long as the girl and the boy get their orgasms in a very satisfactory manner. Fuck reason sideways! It’s pure bullshit! It’s just sad that I always have to explain my actions! Why the holy fuck should I give my reasons for what I do? Come on, it’s extra paperwork. Now I need to work out a reason for all that I did? Why don’t you get a life and fuck your red feathered cross-bred monkey instead??


4 Responses to “Revelations”

  1. g-man Says:

    and why are you so fucking obsessed with reasons? i, for one, think about the end result and the way to get there.

  2. Rahul.... Says:

    senseless agony…the communication of the interior democration…kilometres and kilometres… these days of degenerating decency when diplomacy and intrecacy are leading the way, from complicated america to americaa…..

    onnum manaasilayilla alle??…..dey….ithu pole aanu nee blog ezhuthunnathu….manushyanu manassilavana vallom ezhuthu…..plss…

  3. n i t i n Says:

    i was just putting through my thoughts about how I HATE REASONS……


  4. buu Says:

    ede avan[both thotti nd GeeBs] avane kondu pattunnathu eruthi….gr8 work….

    btw nee[JUs GeeBs dis time..] life gettaan koranganmaare fuck cheyyarundo..???
    lifeless boyss…saaaadd

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