Digest 1.01beta!


After all that crap about destroying the evil and all that bullshit, we come to the topic regarding digestion. It’s the most effective way of removing the scum of the universe…come on, you actually convert it to pure energy or in most cases, pure fat! anyways, this is not about digestion. It’s about people digesting words. As you travel through the various denudations in your cerebellum, you come across a certain useless part called cerebellum. Now the thing is that I dropped Biology in Tenth grade, even though I was making enough money by sketching others records for like Rs 15/page, and there were sure to be 5 or 6 blockheads so desperate for marks who will have 4 to 7 sketches left… 😀

Now that people have found other ways of drawings stuff in their records including the pain-in-the-arse job of tracing through an illuminated glass!!(Yes! ask your new college dudes…they are in top of their games now…), our job is rather over. With all that demand decreasing, its pure economics that with decreasing demand, the price shoots up, and now that explains why my bro sketches for Rs 50/sketch!! We are a rare breed/creed now…rare and endangered…sad! isn’t it?

Now shit, where is that bottle???

Damn!! sheesh!! why is the rum always gone..

%Gulp!!%$..oh that’s why.. 😛


5 Responses to “Digest 1.01beta!”

  1. Merlz Says:

    That….did not have any connection to digestion of anything.

    At least it was readable. That’s a good thing, yes?

  2. mutatedgene Says:

    Ur bro sketches for Rs 50?!?!?! no wonder u guys r endangered….may become extinct soon:p

  3. g-man Says:

    50 fucking bucks? holy fuck! in our college seniors used to give juniors a 10 bux ka diary milk for a record. and rum? where’s the party? i only drink white rum btw

  4. Rahul Says:

    aliya…nee vellamadi thudangiyaa??…very good….growing up…major….and…digestion ivide parayan karyam??….nyways….nice….go on writing…

  5. buu Says:

    ninte creativity valarunnu…..
    good aliyo…
    enikku pashe ellam angoottu manasilaakunnilla..

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