To mend a friendship…

Broken Relationship

They were friends. Fate brought them together. It was an endless array of circumstances. But then both were two extremes in character. He was a boy who found friendship in almost everyone around him. He felt insecure at times but was always comfy with all of his buddies around. But then he used to take everything to his heart. A pure emotional being he was. He used to lend his helping hand to his friends but never craved for anything in return, except for the recognition that he is indeed a friend. But then that didn’t happen as well. He was a perfectionist at times but saw happiness in what his friends found it. But then he never took to sticking to a specific gang of friends. He was almost a part of every gang yet he stood apart. Maybe it was his habit of analyzing stuff. When you analyze more, you tend to troubleshoot others’ problems and if a help is not asked, it is despised. The same happened with him in many occasions. He also had a flaw in his character. He had a very bad temper. It was an explosive kind, its detonator hanging on a human hair. He was in fact a “Perfect Melancholy”.

On the other hand, she was a girl who was so easygoing that she had kinda loose friendships with almost anyone she met. But then she was a jolly type. She was beautiful though. Never did she take her relationships to her heart, and so she was always cool. She had all this energy which she spent in dancing and all such activities. She had a definite group of friends, and it was almost as though she had a turf of her own. She never cared for perfectionism, or so it seems. She was indeed a “Letloose Coolhead”. Now what happened is a bit complicated.

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It was 2 years ago. He met her first in a tuition class. It started as a normal high school crush. It was natural. He was recovering from another relationship, she was beautiful and smart. Some seven eight odd months went past just like that. It was like she was sitting there and he kept on admiring her. But then this time, he and she met each other. They talked. Gradually, internet came to the aid. All these avatars and the second virtual life in it, and so they started conversing, almost on a weekly basis. Almost at the open of the next year, they had become pretty good chat friends. The relationship which started as a high school crush became friendship, and he began to regard her as a friend, a cousin or a sister perhaps. Now her perspective was a big question mark. He considered him lucky at times to get a friend like her. Both helped each other in some ways, and it was mostly exchanging question papers. Both gave their due importance to studies. But then there was this society, which itself became the villain of the story.

The boy due to his less involvement in such gangs and all gained only little respect from the society, but there was a very high position for the girl. She was on top of the list of the most admired girls. Now when the society saw them sharing some documents, it got disgusted. It was inevitable. How could the society bear someone like him to be friends with someone like her! And so it started. Gossips, Rumors, and what not! It spread like poison periodically being deposited into the Black Sea. The sorry part here is that the boy, who very less socialized himself didn’t happen to hear any of this. In fact he didn’t even come to know of such a thing even existing. But then she came to know of it, and in course of time she started to believe all this. There was a period in the life of both of them when they couldn’t contact each other. Both were busy studying, and in this time, everything worsened. Disgust and hatred began to fill her mind. She began to see him as a cheater, a person with dark intentions who had used her to find fame. But she was wrong. Very wrong. A year passed by like that. All hurdles were cleared; both of them cleared their exams in a fairly satisfactory manner, but then their relationship was never the same. The boy was in a jolly mood. He was clearly unaware of the condition off the situation. For him, it was like the old friendship, his attitude never changed. And so he decided to play a prank on her.

 He had heard of his classmates making fun of his friendship with her, and so he saw an opportunity and he nodded for whatever they said. He, in his mind, thought that his good friend would take everything in a sense of fun that she had taken whatever he said all these years. But he was wrong. He had launched himself into a place that was making itself ready to explode. And so it did. “Wherever both ends meet” was a part of that notched up conspiracy. A bakra joke perhaps, which he hoped to reveal to her next year, a day before her 19th birthday. Yes, it is about me and RT. Sorry for anyone who followed me till now, but it was a carefully constructed drama I was so very nicely and efficiently playing. And I seriously thought she was also doing the same. Little did I realize that her view towards me had changed all that much in my absence! I got to know of this only very very recently, and it was backed up with all that rage she rained on me. A year back I joked about my crush on her, and she was like all cool with that and stuff. But then now, the same thing, she is totally annoyed. It’s not a heart break. It’s about losing a friend. And mind it, it’s far worse than a heart break. Once your friends say stuff about you in a manner that is hurting your feelings, you sink. And I sank. Maybe she was right in whatever she said. Maybe unknowingly I hurt her, but in the deepest chambers of my heart, I never meant that. Little did I even come to know of that! But then there was me. She didn’t think of me when she told all that. The pain I felt. I felt like my basement crumbling, sinking me with it, into the darkest chambers of the oblivion. How could she do this? Judge her friend on the basis of gossips. That’s childish. Does she care about others feelings? Such questions which I never imagined I would ask myself, comes to my mind now. And now I regret everything. Everything I said, everything I unknowingly did to hurt her. Never have I felt so bad in my life.


 Never ever. And now I asked her, not as a dirty wolf who is waiting to pounce on its prey, but as a dear friend, a caring friend, “Can we leave all this behind and start afresh a friendship, just like a year and a half ago?” I am waiting. Period.


8 Responses to “To mend a friendship…”

  1. Rahul Says:

    nice….touching story…..[:(]….and sorry man….hehe….and btw….last line….period…ninakkum??…i thot it was for girls…

  2. mutatedgene Says:

    Well constructed drama!!!!
    So what do u xpect her to do??? she obviously dosnt want to spoil her name. nah…I’m not trying to make u desp again…try to think from her point of view. U shud’ve told her that it was a prank atleast. Deyy…give her the link of your blog:p…mebbe shez ready to talk as well….otherwise…shez just not lucky enuf to getta frnd lyk u;)
    And one more thing!!! NEVA construct such dramas again!!!!

  3. g-man Says:

    just ask her to fuck off man. its not fucking worth it. and don’t take it out on yourself either. you’ll think about it and feel depressed, then you’ll just feel sad, then you’ll just feel the merest stirring of a feeling, and it stops there because you can totally deal with it, though you can’t completely forget it. move on to other things. singles rock!

  4. rahul... Says:

    hmmmm…….after giving a lot of thought….on ur life and the way it has turned u down…..and the way the girl has taken the whole aspect wrongly….and how ur friends(me including…;) ) had completely figured it wrongly…..i shld say…..this is all pathetic…..

    find urself another girl…and stop talking abt all this stuff maaan….get real!!!….a girl…sad that u hooked up with that girl…..even now when she has turned it down or whateve….i mean not to hurt ur feelings…but still…give it a thot…..this is not worth it…it really is not

  5. n i t i n Says:

    Yeah…I think I get that now…

    @mutated gene
    Precisely, Its a Fuckin Drama! And I’ll write it! Go stop Rushdie from writing n then come.

    That was the last one bhai…Now I feel really light…I think I’m back on the groove…
    To come to think of it, she doesn’t deserve all that attention..sheesh!!
    and yeah! Singles rock!

  6. Sreejith Unnikrishnan Says:

    Loyolites never change 🙂 .. BTW is ‘she’ from HAC??? Most during my batches were….

  7. thespaghettimonster Says:

    ahem…guessed right sreejith…

  8. n i t i n Says:

    @Sreejith n Spaghetti…

    Dont take me as rude..

    But this is a fuckin drama for hell’s sake!!! I mean..this aint even remotely real…!!

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