For whom the bell tolls…

AA...Don\'t ask either...

“The luck that is ordained for you will be coveted by others”

I seriously don’t know what is quote is doing here, or even the fact that it is here is oblivious in all respects. Come on, someone figure out a reason for all this. So, back to the point, I think I’ve done enough damage to myself and others by writing shitty stuff about what all crap that happened to me. So, I’ve decided to move to my primitive style yet again. Come on, writing about some girl is not one of my most primary of concerns. Ya, it draws many blog readers including people who don’t even know what a blog is. But then it’s ‘Pennu’ case and involvement in a ‘Pennu’ case is ‘Natta’ case. And moreover, you’ll always be on receiving end! Damn the judiciary! So, I’ll call it a day, and stop all this nonsense. After all, Why the fuck should I give a damn!!?! 😀

On that note, I’ve started a new program…A flashback into my life…at school, which I miss the most. But then there are lot of things to list and so little time. So, I’ll do some serious research on my life at school, and with my friends, and will be back. Till then, Caio!

NB: People always comment about my NB, therefore for that sake, I wrote this one…I know it’s complete nonsense, But at least this time I realized it! 😛


12 Responses to “For whom the bell tolls…”

  1. g-man Says:

    wtf is an nb?

  2. Merlz Says:

    That would have made more sense if you had actually written it along with a flashback from your school life…

    If you were trying to build up suspense…it didn’t really work….

    NB: It’s ciao….not caio.

  3. Sriram Says:

    But then it’s ‘Pennu’ case and involvement in a ‘Pennu’ case is ‘Natta’ case.
    Haha kollaaam. btw, back, bro.

    @gman: Nota Bena.. latin shit

  4. g-man Says:

    fucking latin!

  5. n i t i n Says:

    dear, I know how upset you are of me oppikkifying a 97 in english….but what to do? I’ll have to live with it..

    and NB: I like A.I. better than I.A. ….see, Artificial Intelligence is way better than Indian Airlines..:P

    yeah, latin shit….

    Was waiting for you to be back bro…and thanks 😀

  6. Merlz Says:

    Constructive criticism is not welcome, eh?

    And dude, I am beyond your 97. A freakin’ score doesn’t determine my aptitude at stuff.

  7. n i t i n Says:

    I never told constructive criticism isn’t welcome…but then there is something called context, timing, and situation…:D
    err….what am I telling…damn! %drunk again!!%

    And the score neither decides my aptitude too…

    but then…:P

    ya, ya, I know, you are “Beyond” all that and shit!

  8. g-man Says:

    holy fuck, you got a fucking 97 in english? i got a fucking 94 in my fucking boards. fucking bastards screwed me out of my marks

  9. Sriram Says:

    hey i got a fucking 97 in eng too.. but who cares.. i screwed up my entrace 😀

  10. urgu Says:

    This is hopeless. Seriously.

  11. buu Says: for te quote…
    athu nee orkut ile todays fortune il ninnum adichu maatiyathu…kalla fraad… 😀

    nd btw artificial intelligence ondengil ninakkku dufai il pokan pattumo..??
    air india ondengil pattum,.. B-)

  12. n i t i n Says:

    @gman: 😀

    @sriram: you is the why so how??

    @urgu: yeah..obviously 😛

    @buu: hehe 😀 brr…

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