So, this is my first tag. First I thought Tag was only for wrestling matches….but now, I’m supposed to accept the tag from Sriram…and do as he did….so..here it is..

My Life in a Jpeg…


And so..since I was busy with aftereffects of my supposedly “escaped from death” accident, I just had time to cook up just this… anyways, here it goes…

The background simply shows how lonely I was in my life. Even with everyone beside me, I still felt lonely. A confused mind. I don’t have a picture of where I’m heading to. Anyways, so, lets start from the bottom

Batman, yeah…I was crazy about Comics. It helped me sharpen both my language as well as my sketching. And Batman was my favourite. Even without any powers, he made it big. It inspires.

Then the next image is about all that aggression and rage in me, the monster in me. I always wanted to let it out, be free…just like the eagle, which is so free it can fly…

Ya..the crosshair is for gaming…and the bottom right features my art work…art has been my biggest asset.

On the moon, the first image is of Assassin’s Creed, the game. I am mad about PC games. I play, play hard, play dirty, play hardcore!!! The next image is of Lambo ..yeah I love all the Lambos and the classic BMWs…

Then a snap from Tomb Raider…yeah I am obsessed with girls of action. They turn me on!! 😀 Just analyse the character. Simple, stylish, sexy, and packed with all that action…not at all like the original Jolie…

Then there’s me, my love for imaging…thats what I did to my pic three years ago… then my school..Loyola, which I miss the most…then my bro and me…..we are best of brothers..

I was an anarchist , but then I feared the society…now after everything I am ready to say “Fuck Society! Anarchy Rules!! \m/” The red thingies on the top, the left one is for hope, the right one is for fear…actually its about nothing at all….why dont you all figure out a meaning!!!

The train tunnel is about my journey in life..without knowing the end…and the hand is for how I’ve stopped myself for many years..But then now I’ve learned to I’ve the very moment of life..!!

Ya..I know..I suck when I say stuff about myself…but then….well..leave it…

And by the way, for all those who atleast saw the image…consider yourself tagged!!! Start working…lets see if you can better this (ofcourse you can!!) 😛


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4 Responses to “TAG!!!”

  1. Sriram Says:

    F!!king awesome collage 🙂 Dont wanna be nitpickin in here, but the pic had to be abstract and not include obvious pics like those of yourself …anyways great effort!

  2. g-man Says:

    neat dude…i’m still working on mine. have to think for a while. i’ve got a moon in mine too! but its sorta different from yours 🙂

  3. buu Says:

    yes moon sun..
    im not too much into abstract facts nd philosophy myself..
    pashe ninakku karivondeda…
    good job…
    reminds me of mara peyyunnu madalam kottunnu…

  4. n i t i n Says:

    @ everyone: thanks guys…I’ll need it..

    btw..who all are ready to take the tag??? 😉

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