No…I didn’t DIE!!!… I’m sorry for the “long” gap. I was kinda busy with a truckload of personal stuff….and there were too many trucks, so It took me sometime to isolate myself from all this “worldly pleasures”. Now I am kinda back in the groove and working on my continuation posts. Have been off for a while. There are many things to tell, but then Its kinda long for me to jot down stuff like that right now, ‘coz, now I am in a different district about 80 kms from home in a cafe where the rate is kinda high…you see availability costs and stuff like that.

err...was busy.. 😐

But then in my absence, it looks like my dear friends have been updating like crazy… Just go through Vipin‘s Sriram‘s and Idivettukanaaran‘s weblogs, they kinda rock now!!

Will get home soon and start jotting stuff…till then chew on some of my older posts…which you most probably have never even seen…:|

so..until then,

Au revior…


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One Response to “No…I didn’t DIE!!!”

  1. Sriram Says:

    man… looks like lots of ppl have started blogging eh?

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