I Believe SHE can FLY!!


What yaar!

Whenever I mention a ‘she’ or a ‘her’, or something like that in a blogposts, there are comments and stuff, and discussion, and what not. People assume who the she is, even if they don’t even confirm anything with me.  Between, I don’t ever remember me being mentioning that whatever I wrote was a story or anything real. I tried to me narrative in approach, in a kinda First person mode, and people take it as gossip. That’s real sick, and real sad..and retardingly stupid too…

And when there isn’t a female character in my post, it’s practically dead. If you think I’m going to disgrace myself yet again, I’m not. I’ve had enough. How about a new idea? It goes like this: Give respect to girls, get respect. Good one na… ya ya, I figured that out just now..

anyways back to the topic…

What’s the problem with some of you? You can’t live without a daily dope of gossip or what? If you are so interested in shit like that, why don’t you all start seeing Ekta’s stupid saas-bahu soaps!!(really I can’t help it, She[it] turns good looking girls to zombies and they don’t even get to know they are zombified, in my opinion she is a failure to human being propogation…)

Still don’t understand… Do you get orgasms when you hear something, and pass on a modified custom version of that same thing to someone else?? when I tried that, I didnt get it! That’s why I asked…

Yeah, now I feel better…

You see, this was what I was about to write in this post, but then, I figured what the heck! Why am I talking like this? What’s the use?


3 Responses to “I Believe SHE can FLY!!”

  1. Sriram Says:

    wtf man WHAT THE F!!K!

  2. Vipin Mathew Says:


  3. n i t i n Says:


    yeah ppl, It crystal clear I got drunk….doncha think?? 😐

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