I have always wondered how excruciating things get as it progresses through the time stream. But somehow we always fall behind. Just take this one thing into consideration. It’s raining outside, it’s heavily raining…and you are supposed to wear Jeans and some stupid Tshirt which has a “Levi’s” tag. Now I just don’t get this “supposing” thing. Who should suppose, you, me or the God of the Clouds, Indra? I don’t get the logic. You live in a place known for it. Sunshine that tans your skin till it becomes liked burned chocolate brownies. Rainfall and water in puddles to sink the Titanic. A complete setup. Still no one dares to venture out in their Bermuda shorts and RayBan glasses, because if you do that here, It’s better that you pierce your tits instead Or so is the situation as everyone thinks it is. Ya, everyone thinks the same, It’s just that, you think you are the only one to think so, and apparently feels a lil scared of embarrassment that you don’t just testify your stand. Come on, When was the last time you saw a local in our city go around in Monsoon wear. (It actually features a Bermuda shorts or a plaited waterproof trouser, topped with a cotton or linen shirt, and a RayBan or a Police shades for chaps, and for girls, there are way more options I can’t quite recall due to lack of real exposure perhaps, or has society come to such a level that people should start reading Maxim and Good HouseKeeping??) But then everyone seems to compromise with their style when its raining. I am not blaming the middle class or below, but the guys who have some bucks could do that na. There’s no harm in trying. The problem is basically, People prejudge situations here. That’s the main reason outdoor fashion here sucks like hell. People ain’t open to fashion, and no one dares either. Come on, I don’t think I’m wrong this time. Try to prove it. Justify.


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