Hmm…just out of my insanity, I’ve constructed this post. The celebrities mentioned downunder are just there because the author actually thought they were fictitious and the incidents are obviously fictitious. These are there because some people including the author can have a sadistic laugh at them. The facts mentioned here are not to be judged under any circumstances. To believe it or not, it’s purely under the reader’s discretion. And if any of these facts of life disgust you, I must say, you have to try “American Idol”…thats the place for you. Muhahaha…!

So, here are some stuff, I bet on my German Supermodel girlfriend, that you didnt even know atleast one of them before reading this one..hehe!!

  1. Around 90% of the guys who go the gym after having a cup of tea and a light toast, puke after their session.
  2. Of all the FMCG brands in the world, 90% of them have a special quality benchmarkfor the Indian market. It’s called the Indian Standard informally, and we all experience it as poor quality.
  3. The days of the theatre-print of movies is over… its the age of DVD quality Torrent prints!
  4. Ice Age the movie is better than Ice Age: The Meltdown.
  5. The Incredibles is a benchmark movie in all respects.
  6. After years of reservation for OBCs and SC-ST, in 10 years, the General Category will demand reservation.
  7. Kerala Politics will not change until a New party, which can eat with both hands, form the government. Like thats gonna happen!!
  8. Some Orkut users think leaving scraps of other guys profile without any reason will somehow increase there Scrapcount. Are they actually believing in the fact that Scraps will become currency one fine day !?
  9. Some guys in prison actually tried to sue King Khan because “Thanda Thanda Cool Cool” didnt pretty work with their “sensitive skin”. Newswale say that they got rashes! Wtf!
  10. About 50% of the world population know what Wikipedia is. Its a shame that only 5% know what Uncyclopedia is!
  11. Rajnikanth may actually be the next most successful TN PM! Lets wait n watch…
  12. Maxim comes after Playboy. The thing is…it surely comes after!
  13. June issue of Maxim had Shriya Saran as covergirl. She did the Bikini Overload! section. No, dont rush for it, its probably Sold Out!
  14. Even if they are searching for a decent pic in a really casual time, or for some assignment work, most guys turn the Moderate Safesearch Off in Google Images. They know what will come on screen.
  15. The Dark Knight is the Biggest Hollywood Blockbuster till date. I think I’ll have to go for it the Third time…
  16. Skoar! is the best gaming mag available in our country. Beg to differ?
  17. There are some Chain Smokers in this weird world who don’t drink Beer. They say Its Injurious for your Health… 😐
  18. hmm…I know there will be a lot of disagreement on this one. But a fact is a fact. So… Tea is way better than Coffee, by all means. Don’t ask me why!
  19. Charlize Theron is the ultimate beauty. Even if it is in Monster.
  20. In the increasing order considering everything, The exotic martial arts go like this:  Kozhi Poru<Boxing<Kickboxing<Naadan Thallu<Karate<Kalaripayattu<Muay Thai<Kung Fu<Tai Chi …atleast thats how they show it in the movies!
  21. Wanted has Angelina Jolie trying the Irfan Pathan thing. This time its not a leather ball, rather its a bullet.
  22. Linux actually has the juice to run hard core games. It has this gaming support platform, and it runs almost every game! Its called Wine.
  23. Facebook is the best place after all the “ahem ahem” sites that will guarantee your total wastage of time.
  24. Girls mature at younger age. Both mentally and physically!!
  25. There are guys in this weird world who expect every single girl around to have size 36C !
  26. Some retards still see Saas-Bahu Soaps!
  27. Who Moved My Cheese? actually is a book about two Mice!
  28. Angels and Demons makes Da Vinci Code nothing but Toilet paper!
  29. Many of French girls fall for you if you draw her a flattering sketch of hers on a napkin in a restaurant! Italian girls love Kerala. “Come ti chiami?” means “Whats your name?” Take her to a Kathakali performance and rewards are guaranteed..!! 😉
  30. Whats polished maroon and round, and bad for your teeth?           …                           A cricket ball!!.. 😛

Yeah, Now you can cry it out loud…come on…lemme hear it 😀 ..well..I’ll say that just coz after writing all this out down, it automatically comes to my here it is…WTF!!!

Version updates are to be expected…
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6 Responses to “ v1.0.0.00”

  1. A R Jun Says:

    You just said it urself!! What the fuck!! sorry to use the word here…onnamathu microscope vachey vaayikaan patoo…ithrayum kashtappettu vayichittu “ithaana ivante post” ennu thonni poyi…
    Hehe…chummatha aliya….ithokke valare known facts aayathu konda njan ingane chinthichu poye…well done brother!

  2. n i t i n Says:

    hmm…sorry to put all of them like that..was in a hurry..

    I know they are all well known facts..athukondallemone my bet was on my German Supermodel girlfriend..!! 😉

  3. Vipin Mathew Says:

    hehe….enikku onnum parayan illEEE!![:-D]

  4. Merlz Says:

    “Some Orkut users think leaving scraps of other guys profile without any reason will somehow increase there Scrapcount.”……I didn’t understand that.

    ” Angels and Demons makes Da Vinci Code nothing but Toilet paper!”….. I COMPLETELY agree!

  5. n i t i n Says:

    enikkum illa… 😛

    @Merlz fellow constructive critic..How I missed your comments…!!!

    It was simple english. No inner meanings implied actually…pure literal meaning. You know, this time I actually wrote it as it is…!!! 😐

    and Yeah! A&D rocks.. \m/ 😀

  6. buu Says:

    i still dint understand te scrapping part…..
    nd nice post……creativity eh…??

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