I have always wondered about many things in life. Things that seem to be so simple yet complicated. But then today it was a totally different feeling. It was not due to my thirst for whatever that is concealed. It was coming from my heart. Why did love stories always have a heart as its centre? I used to ask myself that very question while I was younger. But then when the answer happened to appear right in front of me, I failed to realize it completely. Bollywood was right and wrong in many aspects of life. There are times when you feel alone in this weird world, and at that time, there is not even a chance for a coincidence. It doesn’t happen like in the movies.

Love at first sight? That’s not love it seems. It’s just a minor infatuation, it seems, which projects relatively considering the kind of relationship one has. Is it just that…just something that you have for the opposite sex? I fail to find an answer. I believe I’ll have to live much more to even finding a clue which directs me to the solution I seek. Then what is brotherly and sisterly love? Why is it removed from that yet it’s so deep and so closely bonds two hearts?

One never got sisterly love, and when he found such love in a girl, which both of them approve and appreciate, then it’s such a deep and holy relationship. But then why doesn’t he eyes of the world approve of it? Is it necessary for a boy and girl to be related in blood to be brother and sister? A brother who will protect his dear sister in every case whatever happens, and a sister who will give her happiness and her comforting company, love and support to her dear brother, won’t all this be necessarily enough for a guy and a girl to be brother and sister?

But then there are many girls who misuse such a relationship too. One of the most common things seen today is this exact thing. When a girl finds that a guy is actually too much forward, and that she can’t stand him as a boyfriend, she takes the sisterly stand. Considering the fact that most of them drag relationships to their upper brains and actually analyze and categorize them, it’s a real smart move right?

But then all girls are not the same na. Some are lovable, simple, sweet, and real innocent. A girl can play so many roles in life. She can be a real cute sister, a cute girlfriend, a loving wife, and a caring mother. If a guy is even given two roles in a drama, he’ll suck, then one can imagine what he’ll do if it’s his life! This is one thing that always makes me respect that sex. They are the ones who give life, and the pain they go through over the years, and when in bringing a new life into this world, the patience, and the amount of strength they have which makes them overcome that pain, I must say, it’s simply angelic!

All this may be what made her think man also is like a woman. She thinks man can endure pain as he sees him as physically stronger. She thinks man is only at the extreme of his emotion when tears come out of his eyes. She expects him to behave the same way, but then gets disappointed when she finds that he doesn’t, and that he never will. I believe there are more as well. But I have not lived that much of my life to say anything about it. But then I’m sure of one thing: Men surely don’t listen and Women will never read a map. It’s not because we choose. It’s because we are made like that.

Or is it really that simple yet complicated? And then there are these stupid retarded Saas-Bahu soaps, filled with Kat-Aged Kat fights. I’ve seen enough of them. But then simply don’t seem that interesting. It’s a family “drama”, so no eye candy, and I somehow cannot derive that sadistic pleasure from it! I think the thing about these saas-bahu fights all start with the basic fact that the undies the saas carefully washed, and managed to keep on her son’s body for like twenty-twenty five years, in just a single night, the bahu removes it!! The thing I’m trying to put across is, well, the obvious fact that these soaps are just made to create retarded zombies outta fresh human brain. And still some idiots still try to find the meaning, the true meaning of any relationship through those!

You might have well noticed the fact that this post just contains some sentences, that in no way are correlated. But then, when I sat down to type this, all these came to my mind, in this order, and that’s precisely the reason why it’s on the screen like this in this kinda weird order, and me trying to put some random points through to an imaginative canvas. Well then, I better end this here now. Just since that this was somewhat connected to relations and relationship, I’ll remind some stuff too. August is a special month. August 3 is International Friendship day, at least give him or her, a card or a chocolate. August 16 is when I get my Learner’s License. It’s also the very next day to the day we celebrate our Independence. It is also the day Bachna ae Haseeno releases, How about the movie date that day? So book two tickets and buy her some popcorn. But then that day is also of another importance. It’s Rakshabandan! So, dear sisters, don’t forget those Rakhees(Why don’t you girls run to the nearest Archies’?) and Bhai log, don’t forget the chocolates. Ciao. Have fun. 😛


6 Responses to “August!”

  1. Sriram Says:

    pennu case pinneyum thalaykku pidicho? hehe kidding man… Happy Friendship day buddy boy 🙂

  2. n i t i n Says:

    @Sriram: just being a bro man, just being a bro… 😛

  3. gowri Says:

    u kno wat? it’s just so wonderful to meet an
    M non-CP !!!
    i’m no feminist, but i appreciate this blog…
    gud work…

  4. n i t i n Says:

    @gowri: hehe…thanks for the comment..n the input

    keep it coming..
    n do you blog?? if you do I cant wait to get my hand on ur posts!!

    Jai Hind

  5. sruthi jayachandran Says:

    is it soaps?? sobs na? 😛

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