BLACK and WHITE : part 3

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Chapter 3: Music to thy ear!

Loyola has always left her sempiternal impression on her sons. We, the Loyola sons, better known as the Loyolites are blessed in one way or the other. Sometimes I wonder what I would have become if I studied in any other school, even for a year. I can’t even imagine such a situation. The bond with my school has become strong over the past 13 years, year after year, my affection and love for my school growing to a pelagic scale. I even feel weird calling it my alma mater; I’m still comfy with calling it ‘My School’ rather than some fancy Latin, Italian, or Spanish word that makes it sound like it was my coffin or something. I am out of paean expressions to describe this institution. It’s the perfect panoply I would say… the best teachers, uncles, and a principal who can tolerate us and vice versa, 😉 weekly assemblies that force to take the juice out of you at least once in two years, weekly tests that make unit tests look alien, a Table tennis room, a pastiche quadrangle, two mammoth grounds where you play everything, ranging from Leg-Cricket©, to Kallan-Police, to Cricket to Soccer, to Catch, to…well, anything you can think of if it involves open spaces!

The one peculiar thing about Loyola is that each and every batch is special, each batch is known for something or the other. Let’s take my batch for example, the 2008 batch, better known as BoOZE. 😉 We are like the last batch of yet another era of Loyolites. Last of its kind, I would say. We are the last batch to sit in our Old Junior School building for all the four years. When we moved to the Fifth grade, it was demolished to construct the new one. We were the last batch to not use the new Indoor Stadium, and we stuck to the classy Sutter Hall for everything. We are the last batch that has only two divisions, n two syllabi, i.e. ISC n HSE; from the very next batch, they made it three divisions, introducing CBSE too.

Well, I think if I go on like this, it’ll be a hectic job for that mouse wheel of yours. Hmm…Anyway, where was I last time? Ah! yes, So we moved to the Fifth! We were basking in the glory of achieving the Senior Loyolite status. But then in about two weeks from opening, we found out too many facts that we never wanted to hear.

  1. We are the juniormost in the mammoth building. 😐
  2. You no longer need to take the trouble “mind”ing other classes, other classes do that to yours. :/
  3. You have no voice. 😀
  4. You have no science, But then, You have Biology, Physics & Chemistry.
  5. You don’t have social studies. But you have Geography ,and (yuck!)History and Civics! 😦

So much for passing Fourth grade! Sometimes we even thought it we were better off catching our own Maths notes(they had wings in Fourth, no?) with incomplete multiplication sums than sitting here and studying Civics. Anyways, the good thing is that our Fifth grade classroom was a new one, the one just constructed. I think now its the Internet n Browsing lab. We were the only batch who ever had Social Studies n Malayalam classes in the same room we later cracked programs involving Java n C++ OOP paradigms, and downloaded Movies, n Music n all that…:P

New teachers, a lil different teaching, same friends, well, some new chaps as well, ya, I think thats it, thats all what we saw in 5th. Nothing special happened actually. Well, except for the fact that we became the dearest of our new teachers.:D It’s another fact that we forced everyone to think otherwise later on.:P

It was from the 6th grade that everything started happening everyone’s way. 😉

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4 Responses to “BLACK and WHITE : part 3”

  1. Sriram Says:

    The creator of the name BOoZE takes a bow.


  2. n i t i n Says:

    The days of Pukkavadaas are yet to come.. 😉

  3. buu Says:

    we had PCM nd hist geo frm 6th onwards…..not 5th……

  4. n i t i n Says:


    yeah roght..
    I am too lazy to change anythingnow…see..too many assignments and stuff… 😐

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