Credit n Debit ?

Okay, so I have a confession to make. Actually I have 9 statements. I just wanted to truly n honestly make myself clear to me n others.

1. I was never interested in Economics. Nor in Civics, nor in History(except the Renaissance n Architecture n Egypt).

2. For me, Money is only something that you give in exchange of something that you get, which is worth it.

3. As I understand, Credit is Debt in which a person doesn’t feel guilty at all. And Debit is debit.

4. I was never interested in the News either, except for Sports n Culture.

5. Therefore I don’t know what Money is, as others say it is. I don’t know anything about it other than the definition I gave above, a little while ago.

6. I don’t know what Inflation is! I never cared to know or understand either. The only thing I am aware of in this topic is that, when you hear that word you can be sure that the prices will rise, and everything will become dearer to you.

7. I only know how to keep my friends close. I am emotional, and I choose knowing my friends over knowing about money.

8. It’s another thing that I know I shall live on my Royalty income (I’ll have to arrange for it as soon as I leave college) for years to come. But then I would put some chap to manage my assets n expenses n whatever fancy names I don’t remember that explain various money related stuff.

9. You may stop to think and say “Why does this guy even live? He doesnt know anything.” I admit that I don’t know. But unless anyone tells me anything, How will I come to know?? I was busy studying Anatomy of a woman and practicing it on paper in the that time.

So a little help here, please!

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28 Responses to “Credit n Debit ?”

  1. Sriram Says:

    So a little help here, please! On what? Female Anatomy ? 😉

    By the way, what actually fuelled this heartfelt confession, man?

  2. n i t i n Says:

    Oh no, You know, and I know that I don’t need help on that…doncha think? 😀
    I was talking more about money matters…business stuff…what the hell is Sensex? How is it different from sex? stuff like that… 😉

    Yeah… 😛 The sudden realisation of the fact that I can’t talk back when anyone starts a topic on Inflation n stuff…those happen a lot nowadays…!!! 😦

  3. I'm not bob Says:

    So a little help here, please! On what? Female Anatomy ?!!
    enna ente mob no ariyamallo!! call me. . :))

  4. n i t i n Says:

    @ Bob allathavan!!

    dey dey dey..entheredey ithu..what is heh?
    Ninakku nallavannum ariyaallo..manushyaney nereyaavanum sammadhikkilley??

  5. I'm not bob Says:

    aaaha nee entha oru artham vachu samsarikunne pole 😐
    You want your characters to look as real and authentic as possible? enna call me. . najn athil okke strong aanu!athre najn udesichollu 😛

  6. Merlz Says:

    At Not Bob: you planning to pose for him? 😛

    Ah…Nitin…man..I think I know when this realization of not knowing about inflation hit you. Am I right? Don’t worry, you have plenty of time to learn about it all. Once you start paying for your own stuff and own a couple of thousand shares here and there and start paying your taxes. Life works out.

  7. n i t i n Says:

    @Rockstarr Bobankutty

    dey … I just wanted help in understanding Inflation 😐 , not Global Warming!! 😛

    namichu ninney….:D

  8. n i t i n Says:


    well…here’s the funny part…

    I have shares of Kairali TV….and all I get to hear from Dad n Mom is…”Athu poyi kitti…athreyum Pokka..” 😐

    And you actually thought I would make enough to pay Taxes….so naice… Now all I have to do is grow and live up to everyone’s expectations…no?

  9. I'm not bob Says:

    @ merlyn – blaaaady fool. . . ninakku paranjathu paranja sense ill manasilaaayillA. . sheesh :|!!
    aaah enthayalum enikku ippo time illalo;). . nee onnu pode cheythu kodukadi! 😛

  10. Merlz Says:

    Cheyyaam….thalkaaalam samayam illa…:P

  11. n i t i n Says:

    @ Both

    No…No….phlease…Don’t get any bright ideas…If you have time or if you don’t…PHLEASE..mere ooppar yeh Ehsaan matth karna….!! 😛

    I am currently sketching a Shriya *ehm* Saran 🙂 n Monica *goddess* Bellucci… 😉 and I am very content n Happy…!!!! 😀


    So..what is the Bull n Bear doing in my morning newspaper cartoons??…are they the common pets of US Prez n our PM…come on…I was content with the ones that had Narmada Bachao Andolan!! 😐

  12. I'm not bob Says:

    nitine . . .appo ente kayyil ninnu itrayum help okke kittyallo. . time olappo aval varum. . 😛
    thank me!

  13. jane Says:

    ya’re jsu liek me..
    i hate finance!
    god knows what kinda sick in the head people become finance ministers and chartered accountants,,
    they might as well take up a chartered fight n buzz off to neverland!

    heee, female anatomy- mannnnn, trust me, it’s a way more practical and enjoyable experience to practice it on a live body..
    a woman’s anatomy has places she never puts on paper!

  14. n i t i n Says:

    @ -ve Bob
    Don’t offer me such..please…njan enthu thettu cheythu?? 😀 I want someone to be potrayed so they can FIT IN the paper 😐 …and you are trying to make the paper stretch??? 😛

    @ Jane
    Just glad you dropped by…
    and very happy to find yet another person who’ll go nuts at hearing anything regarding finance…yipee!! 😀

    and btw,
    Don’t worry jane…..I’ll try to put everything on paper as soon as I see them ‘in’ person..! 😛

    My sketches are still getting ready to be scanned… all I have to do now is just find a scanner.. 😉

  15. Sriram Says:

    @merlz && @ vipin: gawd.. look at u two!
    @nitin: dei, follow jane’s advice man.. practically practise :p oh, but we aren’t legal yet, eh? Shit.. such a normal, well-meaning post completely spoilt by (ahem)very well meaning ppl in the comments section. Well life goes on, eh buddy?

  16. ADITI Says:


    knowledge on inflation n money management
    gooooooogle it 😛

    else if u really wana know then read the book rich dad, poor dad it would really give u an insight on how to handle money

  17. n i t i n Says:

    yeah, buddy..whatever you say..

    and goes on n on n on….

  18. n i t i n Says:

    Yeah…one more realisation of the fact that I have the resources, but still I can’t get my lazy ass to take it…
    I have them both Rich Dad Poor Dad n Business School…by the same author who has that freaky chinese name..
    still I don’t touch em..didnt….,maybe I will…since you told.. 😛

  19. Merlz Says:

    At Nitin: Hmph! Bo you!

  20. n i t i n Says:


    did you mean ‘Boo’, ‘Bow’ or just ‘Bo’ (some kind of finance related thingy I have no idea about)?? 😛


  21. Hari Shanker R Says:

    Someone’s obsessed about his ‘ignorance’! 😛

    Nice post. 😀

  22. n i t i n Says:

    @hari bhai

    thanx bro.

    yeah..its just kinda like being on the high…
    Ignorance is bliss…..what?? yeythu? 😐

  23. Maverick Says:

    gud work dude. . 🙂

  24. n i t i n Says:



    just glad you dropped by.

    btw. who is?

  25. Hari Shanker R Says:

    @ nitin:
    yeah, right. 🙂
    You’ve seen ‘The Matrix’, haven’t you? 😛

  26. n i t i n Says:

    @ Hari bhai

    Saw all three more than thrice each. Then saw them in order back to back till I felt the circle was complete. Was one of the guys who was asked the story n the meaning. Had a to do research. And above that, I loved Reloaded, Twas utmost awesome. 😀

  27. buu Says:

    i liked the first movie betttr……
    reloaded was too complicated…..dint make ne sense…….

    btw ……portraits aaneel nee kuree videos kandu padikku aadyam……anna tommy padikkan athaanu bestt…..

  28. n i t i n Says:


    woh enlightened one…

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