I am forever *ahem ahem* indebted to my dear friend n fellow blogger Merlyn for this tag. In this age of Ipods, Iphones, n Irobots, It’s good to get a tag that has nothing to do with it. So, lemme start…

I am: Always Under-estimated.

I think: That true Love ain’t Blind. It’s deaf!

I know: I ain’t that perfect, but I tried to be. Now I regret. 😐

I want: To dance to ‘Mey Aisa Kyun Hoon’ on stage once, after I’ve perfected my steps.

I have: The Cojones to say whatever I want, to anyone, at anytime, anywhere.

I wish: I had friends who didn’t backstab. They could have atleast tried to leave me alone, but then they forced me to write this fucking sentence.

I hate: bloody fucking Page 3 reporters among friends, the ones who go on improvising their fucking stories, till it gets to shitty art film status.

I miss: Loyola!!

I fear: Myself. Wanna bet?

I hear: Rock! well…and stupid voices, from the breeze, the drizzle…you know, stuff like that….

I smell: Of sweat, especially after early morning Gym sessions! 😛

I crave: For chocolate. Dark Chocolate, preferably. If I see one, I will have one. And to bone Jessica Alba, since you asked!

I search: My long lost Identity in myself. *ahem ahem* Oh Fuck! Not again!

I wonder: Why Girls don’t start a fucking conversation. Why the Fuck can’t they take some initiative at least. It’s so fucking shit. And Why most of them think all guys are interested in their boobs rather than themselves!! We are, but not only the boobs!!! 😮

I regret: Overreacting, almost every single time. But then fuck! who cares!

I love: Travelling!! and anything to do with something, as long as it keeps me from going back home, or dozing off!

I ache: When my painting goes wrong, destroying my beautiful sketches.

I was not: Me till now. You’ll see. Wait n watch. Muhahaha. 😐

I am not: A nerd, nor a caveman! 😐

I cry: Shit! WTF!

I believe: In Anarchy! at times though. \m/

I dance: Whenever I get a chance. As along as it makes me happy n sSatisfied. And As long as it aint in front of shitheads who wants Usher steps from every soul.

I sing: Whenever I want people to shut their fucking mouth 😀

I read: Anything I can relate myself with.

I don’t always: Hate Bitches. Sometimes there are good ones. 😛

I fight: Used to. With my brother. Beating him needed Mu Thai and Tai Chi moves though!

I write: Whenever I am alone or lonely. Both ain’t the same.

I win: *err* Hardcore PC Games!

I lose: My temper real easy.

I never: Take my friends for granted. They do, though. Girls, you crazy people hearing or what?

I always: Want to know the logical reason, if someone defies or disagrees with me.

I confuse: Everyone. 😛

I listen: As long as they didn’t start by interrupting me. That happens often, real often.

I can usually be found: At Home, working on a sketch, or sleeping. If not, I’ll be out. Just call me then, You’ll know where I am. 😛

I am scared: Of the notion that I’ll kill someone in the near future. Maybe snipe ’em with a Magnum or something. 😀

I need: To know why people think I want to join their ‘Group’ n shit. Do I look like I fuckin want to? I also need to clean my socks. It has been like that for ages!

I am happy: As long as I have my dear loving sisters around, starting off an arbitiary topic and talking for ages, so that I can listen till I saturate! And so I can shut myself up as well. Bleah!

I imagine: A hell Lot. Too much actually. I expect a lot from others. They often fail, due to many humane reasons though. But then I feel I’ve failed myself.

I Tag: Hari bhai, Niketh, Aditi, Fantasia, n Caliban. Anyone else, who wish to accept this tag, you can do it as long as I am aware you are alive. 😀


\m/ 😉

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21 Responses to “I?”

  1. Not Bob Says:

    I want: To dance to ‘Mey Aisa Kyun Hoon’ on stage once, after I’ve perfected my steps.
    hehe. . . practice oru 2 years aayittu start cheythathu aanallo 😛 ithuvare theernille? :))
    anyways keep practicing. . hehe ! stage performance varumboo enne koodi vilkaane :P!

  2. n i t i n Says:

    @Not Bob:
    da Vipine, njan practise eppum thudangiyenna ni paranju varunnathu… shaking a leg aint practise. That was just an impulsive reaction. And you people thought I was learning dance n shit. So sad.

    and yeah, I’ve done a performance twice on stage. athukondu kooduthal usthalley!!

    and yeah, remember “…as long as I don’ t have shitheads around…”..:D
    kazhinja 2 years aayittu athenikkeppazhada andaneyoru cue kitteyethu?? heh?

  3. Merlz Says:

    You know, what you wrote for your I am and I regret is what came to my mind when I was writing mine. But then, I thought otherwise. And our “I never”s are the same!

    Ah….I wonder: Why Girls don’t start a fucking conversation. Why the Fuck can’t they take some initiative at least. They do take the initiative when they are interested enough. 😉 I know I have. 😀

  4. Merlz Says:

    Of fuck. Forgot to end the bloody italics thing. Like I care!

  5. n i t i n Says:

    Its just a coincidence dear. But I’m true. You are true. We both are true. Wah!
    And you just jotted down the 199th comment on this blog. Subash!
    And btw,

    You are one of a kind. Without doubt. I agree. And you just proved it. 😉

  6. aditi Says:


    nice tag

    u know what
    ill do it right away


  7. n i t i n Says:


    Yeah, I’ll be reading it ASAP! And commenting too. 😛

  8. Merlz Says:

    199th eh? Cool. How do you know?

  9. n i t i n Says:

    That’s the thing with WordPress…
    You have counters, n stats n graphs n everything for..well..everything. 😀

  10. Sriram Says:

    I miss Loyola too 😦 Badly!

    New version of u coming up, eh? Nitin 2.0?

  11. n i t i n Says:

    yeah bro, yeah….kaanaan pokunna pooram paranju bore aakkano? 😛

  12. A R Jun Says:

    Enthuvaade ithu!!
    “I am happy As long as i have my dear sisters around..”
    Ithu verum bore aayi poyi!!
    ivide comment idaan nammal venam, ninte koode cinema kaanan nammal venam, karangaan pokaan nammal venam….ennittu credit motham sistersinu!!
    Mosham Mosham!!

  13. A R Jun Says:

    Aah and i totally agree with vipin
    Dance ithu varey nee vittillede!!:D
    EDa ne oru stayam manasilaakkanam!!
    Daivam ororutharkkum oro kazhivu koduthittunde!!
    Athu manassilaakki pravarthikkooo….jeevithathil vijayam nedoo..:p

  14. A R Jun Says:

    Hehe….but baaki ellaam nannaayittunde!!
    And i totally agree with U!! Y wont girls start a conversation!! and like U and evry other true loyolite i miss Loyola too.. :(.

  15. n i t i n Says:

    @ AR
    My sisters did better. And I didnt have to call them up, unlike you people who would groan n say, “Oh, he is also there!” and they talk to me honestly and are true to themselves. Want to go on? And well, yeah, they didnt go on making fucking stories about me behind my friggin’ back and spreading it around the world, so that everyone will come to see me as ‘weird’ and prejudge me! :X
    And afterall, they are MY sisters!! Should I be even stating a reason here!!

    Dance, I never really started. And who told that. I never told I want to go to extreme dance. Thats where talent really shows. You believe in that maybe. I don’t, and I’ll prove it. 😉

    And btw,
    Everyone misses Loyola. 😦

  16. A R Jun Says:

    Oh reason onnum venda!! Ee sisters koodi poyaal 2 years mumpe vannatha….nammal 13 years!! Dont EVER forget that…njan athraye paranjoloo…And stories undakkiyo ille ennu nee tharappichu parayunnathinu mumpe onnaalochichu nokkunnathu nannaayirikkum..:D

  17. n i t i n Says:

    ninnepatti aarum paranjilla…..

    I meant the majority…
    the ones who considered me nothing more than dirt of their monitor screens.. 😐
    I’ve had even of that fuckin shit. I wont budge any more.
    Kooduthal ushthalle..!

    Sisterly love ine patti NEE debate cheyuvano? NEEYO?
    dude… NEEYO?

  18. Hari Shanker R Says:

    Thanks dude! I’ll take up this tag asap. Already have 3 pending ones including this! 🙂

    Btw, I’m goanna tag you real soon. Brace yourself! 😛

  19. n i t i n Says:

    @Hari bhai
    yeah bro…

    I’ll be ready..

  20. buu Says:

    really nice….
    engane…… 😀

    btw ….one thing……ninte sisters ninnne patti kathakal paranjondaakkiyillla ennu ninakkenthu ithra urappu….
    nd ladies do start a conversation./….most of te times…..

  21. n i t i n Says:



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