My Point.

Now, I know You all(almost all) have read the First Person Stories, my most controversial set of posts (till now).

But then, You can also see there’s a DISCLAIMER on the right hand side of this page. Have you ever even considered or stopped to think about what I’ve stated in that Text Box? And have you ever thought of why some sentences are in Bold? Has the purpose ever occured to you?

Moreover, In some of my posts, I’ve included even post-concerning post-specific disclaimers. Now, Most of you know I am an artist. What will I do with all that imagination? Come on, Can’t I even create characters and incidents? Has it come down to this? Has it ever occured to you that all those where written in First Person Perspective?

I’m saying this because I’ve heard people letting out all sorts of assumptions. Now where in the hell in my posts have I ever revealed who RT was? Some of youΒ are smart that you think you’ve figured out who it is eh? Some of you also have asked me, but I simply don’t remember telling anyone who she was. Then you might also know Dane, actually you should have known Dane. She’s 17, and she is ‘top’ class. It’s a work of Fiction for Hell’s sake! They are Characters. Gawd! Look at yourself. Haven’t you ever read Fiction or what?

Among you all are also people who have been studying with me in the same class for more than 10 years. I ask you. How the fuck did you even guess I was the ‘Me’ I mentioned in these posts. I thought You all knew how I would respnd if something of the same gravity occurs to me, in person. And you thought I was writing a Diary! Fuck!

First I thought I was doing right in keeping quiet. You all went on assuming as if it was real. Now, at that time, I thought my writing has crossed its barrier from Fictitious to Reality writing, just like HD tech to 3D TV, and as a blogger, I felt happy with whatever my writing has achieved. But then using my writing, and making it appear real to create problems for me was the last thing I expected.

Come on, just look at the comments on those posts. Everyones’ going non-stop saying “Oh, get a Life man!”, or “Move on dude, Kalayada athu”. Now I just dont know why I got such responses for writing Fiction! 😐

I know I got a lot of silent readers from those posts. Especially Gossip-peeps who always fill the Page3 column among friends. The thing about them is that I know you are there(Ya, you get stats for everything in WordPress), They know they are there. But the comments box and the other readers arent aware they are there. 😐

And Some of my Friends were actually ready to accept the notion that it may be true. They actually thought I was publishing Gossip about myself! What sad shit! Thats what I fuckin get after all those years of friendship!

I have a real bad temper. Now if anyone assumes stuff and shoots out shit in a conversation, It’s normal for me to get enraged, and shout and swear back. Someone has to understand me too na. Taking all this to the real world is a big mistake,and I seriously hate it. And I feel sorry for anyone who actually believed whatever shit others told and what you assumed by these posts and putΒ a full stop to every kind of contact with me. I also feel guilty in my way. But then I never expected relationships, even if they are friendships, to be so shallow that some Gossip n a fictitious blog post were enough to nuke ’em, eh?

You=People who think they know me in real life + Silent Readers. New faithful readers excluded. They are the best. Always takes stuff in the spirit I write ’em. 😐
Me(in FPS series)(aka I, Myself)=Suppressed highly emotional character who plays in lead in FPS, whose name isnt revealed, and who narrates the stories. 😐
RT(in FPS series)=Just another character from my imagination. She is Beautiful, has long hair, dances well, studies in a girl’s school, is real slim, and I can bend her anyway I want because I MADE HER UP! that too in early 2006! Now do you realise the height of immaturity when you still believe she is real, and you assume her to be someone else, heh? There may be lots of girls fitting that description. I know more than 3 of my friends who fit the description. But then, what the heck, that’s purely coincidential!!
Dane=My first fully formed Imaginary character. She is a kickass 17 year old. Beautiful and slim yet athletic. Has a lot of bucks and a shooting Range of her own. SHe’s a trained athlete, a great swimmer, and a dancer as well. She was junior to RT. And she was made by me in late 2004.

22 Responses to “My Point.”

  1. Hari Shanker R Says:

    Yay!! I’m the first person to comment!

    Well, you just mentioned a BIG issue with FPS stories. Well, I too have written LOTS of FPS ones. Most of them are true, while others aren’t. Problem is, people take me for granted and start talking to me in a condescending tone. I haven’t suffered many gossip related problems, but yea… you get the idea…

    Never mind, man! Happens everytime with bloggers! At least, it’s a tangible indication of your literary prowess and ‘fame’ naah? Take it all in a good sense and laugh it all off! Temper will do you no good! πŸ™‚

  2. n i t i n Says:

    @Hari bhai

    Yeah bro, I really enjoyed some of yours. And yeah, thanks for all thoses words. I feel like a blogger again! Yipee!

    same prob, ppl take me for granted, but then the gossips went real too far this time bro, real too far. 😦

    And to find out the ones who I held dear n trusted all these years were the ones who played behind it n kept it away from me, It hurts like hell. Conditional friends, who needs em! 😑

  3. Sriram Says:

    Ha.. you got the first comment from the king of FPS himself! Seriously man.. I dunno why, but I loved this post.

  4. n i t i n Says:

    thanks bro…

  5. Sriram Says:

    And one more thing.. I’m sure silent readers are the real gossip mongers.. That’s why they visit your blog and read all these posts.. And this is primarily becasuse your FPSs looks so eerily personal.

    Sheesh.. people!

  6. n i t i n Says:


    You are right. But then what to do? Enthucheyana? 😦

    When will these people ever grow up? Will they ever? 😑

  7. Rahul.. Says:

    hehe….grown up….and y u bother what the ppl say??…satyam parayunnavane orikkalum lokam angeekarikkilla!!!…copernicusine jailil adachu!!…socretus ine visham koduthu!!…galelio ye m jailil adachu!!…this is laif maaan….

  8. n i t i n Says:


    I’m really trying to put accross the table the AANA kaaryam, and you just got hold of the THENGA kaaryam.


    I think I’ll have a lot to improve if I want to put across my point clean n clear.

  9. Merlz Says:

    I, seriously, have no comments on this one.

    You just went Bang! Bang! Bang!

  10. n i t i n Says:




  11. blogger bug Says:

    yea…well said…some jus dont give you sincere criticism…these ppl are lyk: what’s the good in posting a comment! idiots

  12. Jennie Says:

    You sure know how to let your feelings flow… in this case anger!! πŸ™‚

    I was thinking… I will use the nights of onam vacation to read through your older posts.. but THIS surely hit the point!! and I am too curious what all this fuss is about… I guess I will have to sneak in to the computer room to read this controversial series of yours tonight till I hit the desk and wake up with my ears in my moms hands and a big bump on my head that I was too ‘out of it’ to notice when i had crashed!! πŸ˜›

  13. n i t i n Says:

    @B’ Bug

    Exactly! πŸ’‘

  14. n i t i n Says:

    Yeah, at some point of time, I also felt like sleeping. But then I thought I would just go on writing, but to my surprise, they had readers, and what kind of readers!!

    And well….those were 20 something posts pack(a big part of them)…I was real young as a blogger then, relatively, so it has its own cons. Bear with me. Please. :mrgreen:

  15. Jennie Says:

    sure will!! [:)]

  16. n i t i n Says:


    So sweet of you..

    I appreciate that.. πŸ˜€

  17. solitaire Says:

    Baap re baap! Itna gussa. Thank God I am one of those excluded ones. And now I know who Dane is so ignore the comment I have for you on Short and Sweet.

  18. n i t i n Says:

    Heh! that wasnt gussa! Trailer tha Sol, Picture abhi bhi baakki hai yaar!

    And are/were excluded *rejoice* *jump in the air* *somersault* !!

    Ya right..will do.I mean *ahem* abt the ignoring part…..

    “Leave it to a girl to take the fun out of sex discrimination.”
    -Calvin :mrgreen:

  19. g-man Says:

    oh, i have to go through these fps-s πŸ˜€

    o yea, lab exams are officially over. i’m in s7 now. woohoo!

  20. n i t i n Says:


    Good to see ya back bro.

  21. Rahul Says:

    all hail RT!!…ET!??…UT!!! :D… PT… dane…. dane+c=dance

  22. n i t i n Says:


    Wah! You showed ’em!



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