Whatever the doc ordered…: II

Have you ever seen the rational? It is not just a difference in perspective, but the ever-deafening silence has not made itself clear to my inner self. Look at every soul around you? What do you see? Is every person for himself or herself. When was the last time you sexed yourself and fancied boning your favourite actress? We all try to be rational in this irrational world. Love is not unconditional here. So, the only choice left for it to exist is…well…conditionally. And when everything turns out bad, we all blame it on the system. The system is full of flaws,that is true, but when was the last time you ever said anything positive. Positive and Negative, they aren’t just keywords of counsellors all over the world. They govern us actually. The simple narrative example of how they affect us is by imagining our brain to be an empty glass tumbler. The Negatives are the black ink, and the positives are the white. Now, I think you get the point. When a child is born, The first two or three days, he hears positive, but then from that day, you all, we all, start to here how the world is. Everyone spits out negatives. “No.” “You won’t!” “I’m warning you…” “If you do that, your granny old teeth will bite you!”. Lets face it, for a real young brain, these are real effective negative elements. Most of those children grow up to be pessimists.

Well, back to the point. Now, in this cruel world where its every man for himself, how can one find unconditional true love. Well, other than from the family, atleast. To my understanding, an experience in living a life for Eighteen years, It’s almost clear such a condition does not exist, unless you are bound by blood. But in your perspective, there may be differences. But such a thing is good. I’ll get to know more, and atleast realise my mistakes in understanding this world. So, Better prove yourself substancially while putting your argument forward.

All I want is to know more. Thats all. Thats all what the doc ordered. 😐

By the Way, I’m celebrating my “Whatever” Jubilee of this blog. So Yaah! to myself. This is the 1st post after 50 tiring boring ones. So Comment.

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4 Responses to “Whatever the doc ordered…: II”

  1. Rahul Says:

    hmm….luv kittiyilla?….congrats for ur 1 past golden jubilee post….much solace for pointless writing…. 😀

  2. n i t i n Says:



    Thank you bro..

    I appreciate that.


  3. Sriram Says:

    Good to see I survived 50 posts of this, man!!!
    Congrats btw.

    I’m still nowhere near a jubliee.. its 85 or something.. still FIFTEEN to go for any celebration 😦

  4. n i t i n Says:


    Since I am out of words I think these quotes below will help you out. 😐

    “This Rotting Concept of the unfathomable nostril mystifies the fuming crotch of my being!!! Stop with the mooing you damned chinhuahua! Ganglia! Ratseat Babies”
    -The Happy Noodle Boy, by Johnny C.

    “My Mind grows heavy at the burden of my dark life…and it is deeper that I…Oh…Why must I…OH FORGET IT!! Really, now, have you ever found yourself catering to your negative phase? As genuine and ugly emotion can be, it inevitably, must pass, or be fed by your need to sustain the little act.”
    -Johnny the Homicidal Maniac.

    **Insert Evil Grin Here**

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