Verbose Worldliness!

Hmm…Ya Right! After acing that useless Learner’s Driving License Test, I kinda got the feeling I was, indeed, the King of the World. But a near death experience the same evening made it sure that I won’t feel the very same the days after. Anyways, I won’t get into that anymore, ’cause I know you are all least interested in hearing or reading anything even remotely related to me. So lets forget that incident. ’cause its totally irrelevant here, considering the timestamp difference of that and me writing this one down. So, Let’s just talk about more rational, rabid, yet meaningless stuff, no?

First, to College. We all know that College affects every(almost every) eighteen year old’s life in a big way. Hmm… so I managed to get my lazy ass into one of the best Engineering Colleges in the state of Kerala, that too in the Dept of Civil, which is *ahem ahem* one in the only three Civil Departments in our state flooded with all sorts of Colleges, to acquire a Five Year Accreditation from NBA. The first day was rather welcoming in the sense that there was this National Service Scheme people who wanted me(and all the others) in their whatever association thingy. I was wondering what it was all about, and a senior bhai was kind enough to tell me all about it, starting from How it operates to why its necessary. Hmm…so these guys were the volunteering group, hmm, and believe me, they , as described to me, clean the college campus almost every week. But then, honestly, I thought our guys did a better job on Lafest eve. 😀 But then we can’t blame them either. It’s a huge Campus, some 88 acres! That’s way too vast for any government college in Kerala. But I pretty like the environment. It’s neat, and not Dusty. Almost 70% of all that land is covered by greenery. And there are mountain roads leading to everywhere. It’s a perfect trekking spot in all respects, complete with compelling shortcuts and spooky ways. It’s far better than the city atmosphere in Trivandrum. The first thing I felt when I saw the college was that it had a lot of potential to being one of the very best. Somehow, all that potential has not been tapped, not even a slightest part of it. But then, this college is young, just 16 to 17 years since it began in a Govt. School, it has grown in an immense scale to become one of the best in the state. One should see with their own eyes to see and believe it. And you’ll know Why it is so.

So, classes didnt officially start as such till now, so it’s kinda a little too early to say anything much about the College. But this is all what that I picked from the campus from just a few hours in it. The Seniors seem supportive n friendly, and the Politics look a lot neat. Let’s just wait and watch…

You can call me a Lefty from most of my political views, but I am definetly not with them in the ‘development’ part. It’s just that some have picked up the wrong message over the years, and now it has formed to be a total anti-development propoganda. The guys who made it all up in the first days of such a thing, never ever expected it to become such a thing. I wonder when it’s all going to change. Russia is developed, China is far more advanced, come on, you can see it all by yourselves no? I don’t know why all this is just happening here only. It’s a totally pessimistc approach to each and everything. The positives are never appreciated, totally ignored, not even noticed! It’s sad, plain sad!

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Come on, lets face the facts. ‘Mixed Economy’ was supposed to imbibe the GOOD points of the other two extremes, not the BAD ones. Just look around us, Do you happen to see anything GOOD..yeah no na?, now try looking for cons, you’ll have three-four truck-loads of ’em! See, Two of my points, One is the Pessimistic POV n the Reality that it underlines, both are proved!

Okay, so let’s be reasonable, realistic and rational here. We all claim and shout it out loud “Mera Bharat Mahan!”. I disagree. Our Nation’s not ‘that’ great. Lets face the facts and the crude “truth” of realism here. But our Nation can be Great. It has to be Great. It Will be Great. WE have to make it Great. And WE CAN.

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When we find ourselves losing out on something, we blame the system, or start bragging about rich culture and tradition. Come on, I admit we have a Rich heritage, but why the Boast? Do you really think other civilizations, I mean, other nations don’t have their heritage, culture, stuff n all that, seriously? Thats Sad, you know. Come on, how long are we gonna hide behind all this culture and tradition curtain. One day, eventually we all have to make it big, our nation has to make it big. And we are the ones who are to be Responsible. To our present condition, we can’t justify ourselves by blaming everything on the “general” public, the system, or the government for that matter. If we have to blame, then it is ourselves. You, Me, Us, each and every one among us. Only we can make the change. We can, if we want. We can, if we choose to. We can, if we are to. But then its “IF WE”…So now, You choose.


8 Responses to “Verbose Worldliness!”

  1. Sriram Says:

    man.. you did the mean trick of making me jump on the title! Ah.. our Lafest seems soooo far back 😐
    Now I’m all confused as to the point/theme of the post.. but then why did I bother about it anyway? Weird huh..

  2. n i t i n Says:


    Nah..that was for other people…not you. You see, I very well know you know enough english. 😀

    Come on, even I am confused. You know, I can’t stick to a topic as such…yu might have realised that by now… :mrgreen:

    Yeah, Lafest seems so far true..

    Thoses days…I wish I could do all that again! 😐

  3. RAHUL. Says:

    hehe…point….deficiency….all through…the blog….

  4. n i t i n Says:


    oo…kandupidittham! 😐

  5. buu Says:

    hmmmm…….inspiring post…….
    but dont u think the CET campus is bigger than 77 acres….[jus asking…not too sure of te facts]///

  6. Sriram Says:

    aliya new post… attempts to solve some frequently asked questions 😀

  7. n i t i n Says:


    it was statistically relative…I never told CET was any smaller.

  8. n i t i n Says:


    ya..I got it.. 😀

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