Well, I never wanted my 54th post to end up like this, nor did I want to disturb anyone emotionally just becuase you are reading it, but then a quickie aint what you will get here. You may get it from some girl next door for a cheap count or from the latest Maxim Issue featuring Gul Panag and Anna Kournikova..hmm…

Anyways, my point on this rather pointless post is, well, absolutely nothing, absolutely nothing at all, jeero, shoonya, poojyam, aanamutta, null, nothing!

And with that note, just tell me, what’s your wildest dream?? Come on, spit the f^ckin hell out!!

Ah! what the hell. F^ck off!

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2 Responses to “oRgA(ni)Sm?”

  1. Hari Shanker R Says:

    Lols. I have an awesome ringtone with the title of your post! It’s the hottest thing in Bluetooth these days. 😛

    Dunno, why I like the way this word is pronounced. Has a particular nasal twang to it.

    Please stop writing pointless posts!

  2. n i t i n Says:

    @hari bhai

    hehe..okay bhai…will do.

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