Stuff Happens…

Yeah, its been a while. But then you know, we all try to live our lives in the best way possible to us at that specfic timeframe, but then in the end, we turn back and look to see, and find out that we could have done better. It’s just like that. Life’s like that.It’s too complex yet real simple. It’s easy to make a decision if you don’t need to see a reason or a result of that. It doesn’t affect you if someone gets blown off with a magnum sniper bullet or a frag grenade in the middle of the market your parents go and buy veggies to feed your tummy. It’s just sad how we all fail to see what we can do in this world. You think you are too feeble to make a difference? Well then, try spending a whole night in a room with a solitary mosquito, and you’ll get to know the difference.

Many of us choose to ignore everything. But is that the way to go? Is that the endpoint of all the problems? Just wait. Think for sometime. When was the last time you did anything productive to anyone? Come on. Choke on it dear. That never happened with your full consent then. Let’s try an easy way out of all this dip shitty nonsense. I know it’s a pain in the arse, but then, do you have an obvious second choice. Isn’t it just simple to analyse and not talk about it, so that you can think over it to waste time that you would have wasted doing other useless arbit stuff no?

There’s total panoply of situations laid before you every morning even before you apply that stupid smelling toothpaste on that broom like brush, and you happily seem to ignore each and every bit of it? Is it what you thought you would do when you were ten? Or when you started to figure the reason for everything fuckin thing that’s happening in this shit-hole?

It’s real easy to blame that fucktard sitting beside you for everything you have done wrong. But then have you ever tried to analyze a little bit of why you do that in the first place? Come on, have you ever even thought why you insist on seeing the first show, the very first day? Does bragging about a bad movie make you big or better in any way?

I know that’s a lot of shit questions which no one chooses to answer. I never meant anyone to answer either. It’s just there because I wanted it to be there. So, does analyzing everything make you a super villain? Well, I’ll have to analyze that then, shouldn’t I? Well, let’s stop to think and do what we do everyday then. Life goes on and on, and so do we ignorant even of the very reason of our existence on this shit-hole.

You know, it’s just that I miss my friends, my pals. And those girls too. And many others too. And many things too…and….

Well…Forget It!

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6 Responses to “Stuff Happens…”

  1. Sriram Says:

    Dude… go easy man. Your posts are turning more and more difficult to comprehend (and a bit more boring too I may say)… cut the arbit crap. Blog when you feel like it and not when you feel like u HAVE to.

    All said, it’s ur blog and not mine, so it’s just my suggestion that I’ve put here.

  2. Sriram Says:

    Ah, sorry about that pal.. I read the post once again and I feel much better now.. It could be that I’m more used to reading my slipshod kinda writing that I just glance over text.

  3. n i t i n Says:



    I know you feel like crap at the moment, but then, that’s why I ain’t responding so shitty. But then, you know life’s like that.

    And the Sriram I know never used to glance and comment. He used to read every little detail. What happened to that pal? You also started prejudging or what?

    PS: I blog whenever I feel like. It’s been like that from the beginning. It’s just that nowadays I think a little different, and very unemotional too, that’s reflecting in my texts. Sorry if I bored you with arbit shit, but then for a better one, you’ll have to wait, and I’ll promise I’ll deliver, but at the moment I can’t do that. Try to understand shit when I try to make you understand, not when you try to make me understand, coz even if you try and succeed, it won’t satisfy you or me or anyone else reading this crap in this shithole.

    Just try and follow and I promise I’ll come back to my self the earliest to post something worthwhile.


  4. mamsbuddy Says:

    aah……dude you write abt stuff which you try to do stuff about while thinking stuff….

    after writing about all those ignorance and crap…do you even take it up on youself. Thinking twice before one leaps has gone a long way back but does it provide a reason for not making ‘kuruma’ out of people

    And I’m happy that you have utilised the magnum sniper in atleast one of your blogs….proud of you bro.

    Too bad….nobody understands anything that I type…


  5. n i t i n Says:


    neither do I! 😐

    now what did that mean??? 😮

  6. buu Says:

    does it affect anyone if someone gets blown off with something other than a magnum sniper bullet or a frag grenade…….??????

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