Of Insects and Strangers…

Yesterday was one of the most influential days of my life. Things chanced in such a way that it even forced me to change my perspective on a lot of things.

To begin with, I started the day with a feeling of “Ugh! Why the fuck do I always get up at 5 and do nothing about it!” The lavatory was quiet as usual, this time without any reading material I could muse upon. So, after a quick bath, which included myself swearing at the shower for no good reason I could think of, I jumped into something more civilized which included a boxer trunks at last. And so there I was, in a shabby yet wet situation, in a trunks and a stupid tee which needed some urgent makeover.

Angel come Angel go


Breakfast was tasty, relatively. After whatever shit I gulp down at the hostel, mom’s recipes were the greatest. Grabbing a remote, which apparently send IR radiation to the Television set, I sat in front and listened to all the shit they showed on MTV and VH1 early morning. Life seemed so useless then. It’s when I gulped down liters of tea that I thought about what I planned for today.

Planning is always my expertise. Only thing is, I plan something, and do something else. My ingenious plan included me going to catch Quantum of Solace, then coming back to finish my Workshop record. But soon the Censor Board of India forced me to cancel the Bond movie. One of the reasons why piracy of Films spreads like hell these days. Now, The only option left for me is to get the ‘uncut’ DVD. So sad.

The whole morning was not spent on Workshop Record. Actually, That record never even saw the outside world. I went out to change the covers of my pathetic Cellphone. And in due course, I made it sure I recharged it for eternity(read: 7 days). All that took me some 3 hours.

The next thing in my priority list was to meet a friend 70 km away from home. So I took to it. The journey was by dear KSRTC fast Passenger buses, that took hours and hours to reach places. I made a pit-stop in the middle, at my Aunt’s place. It’s the cellphone that played an important part in the journey. Just when I got into the bus from my place, I got a miss call from a friend. I thought it was kinda urgent, so I called back. To my surprise, I heard another voice from the other end. It was the stranger. She was like..”I am THE  Stranger, so wazzup, what do you want from me?” I immediately disconnected. Then I phoned her back. What followed where a series of Diwali crackers. I felt I was in the middle of China on their New Year’s Eve. Even in all that, THE Stranger had a point. She wanted to be the Stranger, forever. Now my point was just that “Being Strangers is better than being People who want to send quotations to each other”. So in short, she called, We talked. Now we are perfect Strangers. I felt relieved, maybe she felt the same. My mind went blank after that. Only one quote came down the memory line…”For want of a nail… the shoe was lost…”

Of Friends and Strangers


You know this God chap, he is a guy with character. Whatever he does, he delivers it accordingly and aptly. When a friend becomes a stranger just like that, a stranger becomes a friend. Now enter THE Friend. THE Friendnever saw me, ever, but we talked often, over analog signals. But then We both wanted to see each other. And so we decided to meet. 70 km away from home.

Our first meeting was kinda okay okay…I mean I felt good. Maybe THE Friend felt the same too. Nothing was irrational. The stage was set. People were blabbing shit. There was Sugarcane juice. And sweets. And chocolates. And music. And well…a lot of things (Didn’t I say we were in a Shopping mall?)

I am not elaborating on anything. But you know, my life has always been a Open book. But some things need to be kept brief. And so we parted, wishing each other Goodnight.

Now on to other things. The girls in my class think I am this total nerd who needs a chain. Poor ignorant things. And so yesterday someone called me, well…miss-called me. The thing the poor girl didnt know was that I had her no., and she thought she was playing me around. Pretty dyesp no? Anyways…yesterday was like this… I think this is a new beginning. Let’s wait and see.

me, myself and my life



2 Responses to “Of Insects and Strangers…”

  1. Niketh Says:

    Why brother…why….
    enthina…?? kyu..?? ethukku..??


  2. n i t i n Says:


    ninakku manasilaavilla…kaaranam ni vverum kuttiyanu…

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