Hmm…so finally I get my lazy ass down here to type down this  tag. Thanks Sriram. I don’t know what I would have done this week if you hadn’t tagged me in the first place!

fast forward

TAG HEUER: Two Questions from various timeframes(past, present, future). Answer them and then continue with the tagging. Leave a comment on their blog and let them know they have fallen prey… yet again! Yeah! that’s about it!



Your oldest memories…

My First day at Loyola…a lot of memories (I kinda put all that down in my BLACK n WHITE series). Lots and lots of cars, that my bro used to break, so that he could get a better one the very next day. The day I cycled first. My passion in sketching huge pictures of animals and cars, which mostly included the Lion and the Gypsy… My first friends… My home, the place near the CSI church, my VBS classes, the time spend in (the then) VP Fr. Pullickal SJ’s office, the books he used to give us… the sand triangle in front of the school canteen… the day we moved to a new house… hmm… okay, I won’t go on.


What were you doing Ten years ago?

Hmm…well..third grade no? Maithri ma’am’s class. She always used to joke that she would kick me from school to CET so that I’ll land in front of my Dad. One of the best teachers one could ever get. Then…the times we spend on Math problems, and other problems, and many more…Oh! I miss Loyola!!!



Woke up at 0145 hrs. By 0530, I finished my Chemistry Assignment on Pollutants. Then, after everything, I reached college, only to find that our last two hours (note: Today Friday) was Electrical. By 1400 hrs, I met the Electrical guest lecturer, and told her I won’t attend the class due to ‘acute bronchitis and migraine due to sinusitis’. So I left college that hour itself, boarded the first train from Kottayam, reached Trivandrum by 1800 hours. Grabbed a copy of Maxim, and then, finally, sitting here typing this…


If you build a time capsule what would it contain?

My Beta suit with all the time controlling facilities which includes my all time favorite time freeze cannon, and all the rock music in my personally designed Walkman which, of-course, comes with the standard issue of the Beta suit. Then my memory transfered to organic goblets which are controlled by nanobots which will help in transferring the wanted fragment of information, when I choose to recall it, and transmit it to the nodes of my suit. *Conditions Apply.



I seriously don’t know. But I’ll cling to my secret. And so I shall become the most powerful magnet to what I dream of possessing. Muhahahaha!!


What do you see yourself doing 14 years from now? 

Hmm..when I’m 32!! that’s like too far!…lemme see… hopefully married to a sweet simple girl, with our kids, in a mansion, which I would have designed…living on Royalty income…the source of which would be revealed to anyone acutely interested in sharing a bigger dream….pore!! ippo thanne atthyavishyam over aayilley?


And So the mighty time tag ends…

Yeah right! I tag…

Merlyn, Niketh, Hari Krishnan, Jennie, and Vipin.


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