Continual Timeshift

It’s looks like life has turned out pretty okay for me…well except for the fact that a normal day for me goes like this…



  • Why is my bed crying under my friekin’ feeble body?


  • Why is the time 1:15 am, and why the hell am I awake now?


  • Why did I sleep on my phone? Oh God! Why are there a dozen of unread messages by the morning?
  • Why do I brush my teeth? Why does the water look like it was rerouted from the sewage?


  • Why do I take a bath? WTF! Is it necessary?
  • Hell no! Why is the time now 6:00am? Where did all that time go?
  • Why do I even bother to open a book? Shit.


  • Why am I bunking prayer and going to an ancient hotel to have a non-veggie breakfast?
  • Why am I on the bus to college by 7:30 am?
  • Why does the bus take ages to reach college?


  • Why am I opening the civil block all by my f^ckin self?
  • What the heck am I doing in college at this time of the morning?
  • Why isn’t my assignment complete?


  • Why didn’t anyone wish me Good Morning?
  • Why am I wishing everyone instead?
  • Why am I so involved in some work that I discover when others come? Why don’t I get enlightened beforehand?
  • Oh great! Where the hell is my Mechanics note?
  • So finally my BEE Note is complete, and so I’ll get the attendance for the last BEE hour. Yippee! But why is the BEE Miss on leave?
  • Why did I even come to college today?


  • Why in the dip-shit-hole am I showing off in class? What do I have to do that, in the first place?
  • Why am I mad at that girl over there for having a two idli breakfast, and bragging that she won’t have her lunch today?
  • Why is she mad at me now?
  • Why is the college canteen a 5 minute walk away from my block?
  • Why am I in the college canteen satisfying my appetite with a retarded lunch?
  • Why am I back in class? Why the F?
  • Why is she now complaining that she is hungry and swearing at me for having lunch?
  • Why did I even bother to have that lunch?
  • Why am I swearing at her, and now ignoring her completely, and in a way glorifying everyone around her, except, of course, her herself?
  • Why is everyone so paranoid today?


  • Why are there so many people out there who all want me to run their errands? Why is it all so retarding shit?
  • Why did I even become the Class Representative? What was I thinking then?
  • Holy Macaroni! How come I topped the Graphics test that 85% of the class flunked? What does that make me?
  • Why am I holding up my drawing sheet in front of that front-bencher girl, who has so many doubts in her life, and giving out that evil laugh momentarily?


  • Why am I in the College Bus?
  • Why am I now walking back to my Hostel?
  • Why am I supposed to get into my hostel by 6:30pm? Why am I getting in at 6:30pm?
  • Why is there no water for me to have a bath?


  • Finally! Sewage water! But why in the crowcunt am I not doing my laundry?
  • Hmm … Prayer time… Why did I pray for everyone I know?
  • Why am I opening my book in front, and thinking about something else, yet finishing my homework?


  • Why does the supper suck like dip shit?
  • Why am I so tired that I go to sleep at 10:00pm?
  • Why do I give a round of missed calls before I doze off.


  • Why the f^ck am I sleeping?


  • Why am I not content with how things turned out for me, and why do I have questions that search for logic for each and everything, yet at the end of the day, forget everything, get ready for the next day, and so generating a 5 day loop which involves nothing, nothing at all?


As you can see, Life is how we make it. But then trash the reality for some time. I’m desperately trying to ignore the questions that I have. But then I want answers. Please feel free to answer them. If you have any suggestions, be my guest.


2 Responses to “Continual Timeshift”

  1. Sriram Says:

    True buddy so true.. In fact I was asking similar shit to myself today morning..
    It’s only the temporary pleasure of having got my LMV+M/C license that keeps me smiling inside for a while.

    Everything is fucked up. Life sucks 😐

  2. n i t i n Says:


    yeah said it all….

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