This year is the year of change. Yep, and it’s already started, that too, with the greatest advocate of change, President Barack Obama. I hope the Americans’ll get something good for their country under him. And from all that media, with so many artists supporting him, it’s presumed that it will also strongly affect the media industry, of which the initial stage has already started. I respect that great man for whatever he is to bring to this world. Since, he doesn’t need any advice on anything, I’m pretty sure America will come up “culturally” after all.


Enough US talk already. Now lets talk about India, where there’s a state called Kerala, and a city called Trivandrum. Here’s where I stand, and my life revolves around this small fast growing city. Well, for the past 5 months, It has started to extend to a small town about 160 km north of Trivandrum, called Kottayam, but my mind, my loyalties, and everything I hold dear are still here.
sasthamangalam Hmm… so that’s about it. So what was special about this week…aah! yeah.
So, yet another Valentine’s day passes, my eighteenth one to be precise. And yeah, you guessed it right… I’m still Single. In my life, with things like Shell, Unix and its successors, Need for Speed, GTA, Counter Strike, There’s hardly any time I can devote any part of my mind to “impressing” the girl. To me, as I’ve learned, it’s the sure waste of precious time, with dangerous side-effects, the major ones being losing a good friend, and a final product…a girl with too much ego n attitude, that almost tops the Eiffel tower.

There are times in life when at a point, just due to a negligible span of time when an immature thought builds up, that’s when everything goes wrong. And so it has.
Having a good friend for two long years, and then suddenly just like that, she turns to see me as someone who used her, that’s punishment. It’s been almost a year since that punishment started, but to be optimistic, I really thought that would go. But then yesterday, on Valentine’s, My fears just got realized, yet again. If total ignorance wasn’t enough, the frequent stares killed me…almost.

hope n me, just seperated...
To be honest, I hope I could rewind time just to stop myself from doing what I’ve done. It’s not losing a girl, that pains. It’s losing a good honest friend. She was a Friend first, and something else only later… and I regret the ‘something else’ part, very much. Still I hope it all changes one fine day, still expecting one more call.

I’ve started to believe in the secret of  life. When you want something seriously and from your heart, the whole world conspires to help you achieve it. Hope I get my friend back.


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