I may sound a lil desp at the moment for some, but then I don’t give a fuck either!

you don't deserve it...

My 18th V-day was a waste of precious time. Or maybe something did happen so important in my life… but then it’s totally irrelevant at this moment by the way things stand. Yeah RT is back… and she is really mad… at me. after some 4-5 hours with me in proximity, all I got was frequent dangerous stares, and two or three rude single word replies…

Lucky me… no?

Yeah yeah… I know, “oh damn! don’t start off with that again… I’ve been hearing it for a year now”, but then whatever you say, I am about to justify my stand, and I will too. Did I mention the part where she called me up and “threatened” me, and forced me to discontinue my writing. (That was utmost dumb, now that it on the page, even if anything happens, I can clearly point out at someone…) But then, then it was decency, that’s why the character RT took a break from the First person Stories. But then withall that, I learned a thing. Girls can be real selfish at times. And they don’t usually daw a line between “pampering” love and unconditional love. Well, fuck! leave it… Why the fuck am I starting it again. But then she could have at least looked at me as if she knew me, just remotely, as if ‘I’ve seen that chap somewhere’ type. Even with too much problems lately, keeping my decency so that she won’t feel like that, that was the stupid thing I did. Could have asked her face to face, but then fuck! leave it. I am a dude typing shit over the net to woo a friend back. Yeah, in a really stupid position now. Laugh laugh… laugh till your balls fall off!!

Why does even remotely think that I am after her? Well, come on… don’t blame my writing. Yeah, well kinda it was my mistake, elevating some girl who lives on the other side of the city, from a beautiful kind villagewaali-jeysi ladki to some higher being I hate right now. From what it was then, to what it is now, my perception of a good girl never changed… girls changed though.


I hate to be in a fuckin position where I fall off the edge. And I hate being hated.., that too for at one prick of time attaching myself emotionally to the subject! What a fuckin concept! How can I ever treat every good looking intelligent girl as my sister?? What do these girls think of themselves? priced posessions ulla ahangaram? That goes to some of the Kottayam girls as well. When I get interested in any one of you, I’ll notify it ASAP, even if its by mail, or by phone. Till then, please for-fuckin-hell’s-sake, just remove the notion from your fucked up heads that you are all angels n shit, n this poor me is after you all. Go get a fuckin life!!

And for all those bitch-babes who think getting a ‘sister’ position from me, so that they can very well avoid the assumed potential danger, forget it. Being my sister is one of the hardest jobs in the world. My dear sisters know it. And however you try you all won’t even qualify for my sister’s sandal heel position. It’s just so because, my behnas are the most special people in the world for me. So don’t even fucking think about getting there and ruining a rather high benchmark. You people are too primitive to even take the first step, so forget getting there…

Did I mention that when I paint or sketch, the end product only goes to the most special ones, if one never reached you, then it’s likely I’ll forget your name the very next day, and if you already have one, better make sure you get a continual series… ’cause if you aren’t, it’s all your fault…

The fact is that…

… I am not in a craze of making friends. Qualiy, not quantity.  My dear ones, who ‘know’ me, are  still with me, and they’ll be there sempiternally, so just don’t get worried about my ‘social image’…and…

… You see… at the end of the day, I know what I want, and I know what I am. I’m just THAT DAMN Good. And the best part is, I’m fully aware of it too.


Now Playing:  “Oh My Friend…” [Mickey J Meyer, Happy Days(2007), Malayalam & Telugu]


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