to SMACK or not to…

Okay. That’s it. I mean This is it.

For all those arse-holes who criticize every shit I cook up and for all the Sons n Daughters of bitches(and god knows what…) who I have so sadistically disturbed( n annoyed till the toe hair) frequently in definite time periods with my blog posts… this would be a kinda ‘relief’ post.

‘Cause this time, only this fuckin’ single time, I’m giving the option to you. The Red Button. The ball, finally in your fuckin’ court! So before you start to stroke yourself over it, My sincere apologies to the good (for nothing) followers of my posts. I know I’m good, but then, you know the pressures of daily life.

Here’s here’s the decider poll for you all sad brainblenders…


*I Guarantee the outcome of this blog poll to be taken dead serious, if the following conditions are met.

  • i should get VOTES!!! no. of votes per week should exceed 100.(try clicking more than once…)

  • No calls, threats and sketch jobs due to quotations are invited.

  • All regardless of sex, religion, cast, following, should vote.Even stupid girls should vote.


If any one of this conditions are not satisfied, I’ll just …well… continue my ULTIMATE ANARCHY in this public platform. So decide..

So long suckers!!


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7 Responses to “to SMACK or not to…”

  1. Sriram Says:

    Exercised my franchise 😀

  2. hari Says:

    haha! ok..stop writing! gimme the admin rights! i ll post some shit!

  3. n i t i n Says:

    jaagore jaago!!

    Yeah Right!! Like I would!! 😛

    This is serious goddammit!!

  4. n i t i n Says:

    Still I need my CONDITIONS satisfied though!!! :mrgreen:

  5. Sidharth Says:

    good pol…. but needed better options dude

  6. Sidharth Says:

    needs more options bro

  7. n i t i n Says:


    you can always add your options in the textbox…!!!


    If I’m not getting 100 votes…the polls’ out!
    I’ll give you one more week….!

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