Her Backfire

Foreword: No, Its not Fart.

So After all that has happened all the years, our dear fellow, now really sadistically stuck up in his sick life, decided to give RT a call. He wanted to make it a totally private affair. Well the call that is. All these years, he got the publicity thanks to the creative geniuses in the form of his friends, who would cook up super soap dramas, to which The poor chap would nod yes. To tell the truth, the nodding was the one that created the problem. Eventually the ‘nodder’  or Noddy was accused of making the soap scripts up as well, finally that too gulped with blindfold by the heroine of the scene, RT, who picked up the fight, made Noddy to tell her what she was to her, and when she heard it from his own mouth, truly pissed his ass off. What a waste of typography!

Yes, and so, he called. Just said one word. Sorry. then he paused for something, a grunt I think, and then he disconnected.

Days passed without much effect. But that helped Noddy boy a lot. Mainly to forget RT altogether. Meaning the ‘to be girlfriend’ type resume he created in his restricted private universe.

Now Noddy had a pal who was with him for more than 13 years. Lets call him Snoop Dogg.And He also used to do all that Noddy did, and more. Now in the amazing turn of fate, Noddy ended up in a college somewhere north, and Dogg and RT, in the same colege in the same class. Funny no? And now Dogg has called him, to ask him about the call. Noddy was first disturbed at the question. He wanted this NOT to surface at all. But it did. And only one source. RT. But what made Noddy piss off so much is the fact that Snoop was the one to call him, to ask. What the fuck! To hell with friendship! “macha macha” has a value, which “AAAh! give it to me, will you do this for me? will you do that?” doesnt have. Somewhere someone lost the difference.

Further investigation by Noddy into the matter saw very disturbing outcome. There were more involved. And the matter was a point of discussion in the college canteen! What the fuck!! That’s a degree of shit Noddy never expected. And now Noddy feels good that RT had gone, because, as many events have said, echoed and shouted at Noddy, It wasn’t worth it. IT just wasn’t worth IT.

Backword: To hell with it!!! It is… I meant Fart.


disclaimer: RT, Snoop, Noddy are fictitious characters in a fictitious plot. So try and understand the Fictitious nature of the post.And respect it.



To tell you the truth… there’s just a lot happening in the world and very little afterward to comprehend it all.Now you all might be thinking why I’m starting it all over again. Well… about two weeks before, I put down a rather unimportant poll, and expected some results from an truly incipiently evolved crowd of readers I have. And watcha kno!! The results are scintillately accurate to my calculations. And yu can view them by clicking the results. Now I want a smart ass crowd to read my blog, honestly, and I cant tell you where the links are every single time.To eschew my blogposts completely as bull-crap is normal. But then which ass cheek of yours hurts when reading my posts, come on, seriously? What the fuck did I write here to offend any of you??
As I’ve stated earlier in my sempiternaly long list of disclaimers about the fictitious characters I make up, and those which resemble them to be cast by you all as my prey..come on..pure bullshit!! Get a life will you?
And since my conditions were not rudely met, I’m going to do just what I preached!!! TOTAL ANARCHY <insert evil laugh here>. Will insure itself in stages. So just look out for more characters that resemble you all!!!!
To those perverts and retards who think resemblance is just too much:
Try not to copy my characters. Please!



6 Responses to “Her Backfire”

  1. Sriram Says:

    hm… very interesting.. never expected the RT character to spread it all over. Well is this the end of the story?

    And boss, you have two very conflicting notices on your blog: copyscape and creative commons.

  2. Sidharth Says:

    dey…..its true..watever u meant tat is…fronedship has started to loose its value amongst us…most sad life…

  3. n i t i n Says:


    yeah shocked the balls outta me when I heard it..

    life is always full of conflicts my bro…

    if you haven’t noticed… the ‘work’ is under Creative Commons and the ‘page’ is under Copyscape. See. :mrgreen:

  4. n i t i n Says:


    I’m writing a story here bro. Nothing’s true.

  5. Rahul... Says:

    dude….eat this….u will never let this end….

  6. n i t i n Says:


    Well.. I was about to. But then THIS happened!

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