Finally a STORY!!

Being appointed as the respected technical counselor at a Construction firm, soon came the day when the firm shifted us to one of their huge villas, in their township project. The Villas were gorgeous then, and now after some 5 to 6 years they are still looking good. Whatever the case, My mom still is active in the housewives’ club and as an engineer, which eventually landed her the role of the chairperson or something like that at the township planning whatever panel. And dad is going good with his passion of teaching, having a class a day. Anyways, just when everything was going way too well in my life, that a new family bought a brand new villa in the township, a minute walk from mine. The beauty about this was that my bro was its architect, and me the executor of the project. We were all too excited about our first combined work being bought, so we set off to see them. But more than us, it was mom who was too excited for the new induction into the housewives’ whatever, who was the one to take the initiative.

So, I drove over to the place, parked the ride in front of the new villa, and juggled the keys to my bro. It was our usual thing…if we go somewhere together, we both drive. And so just as we unhitched the SUV, my mom spotted the family rush up the villa entrance. I don’t know what happened but impulsively as it seemed, my mom rushed up right after them, and like in the old days, she trip n fell. This time she twisted her ankle. Great. As we helped mom to the car, the family heard the fall, and some of them rushed out. And that’s when I saw a familiar face in the owner’s wife. It was her mom!

As I escorted my mom to the SUV, she made it clear that one of us will have to stay back to tell the family whatever we were going o tell. And she insisted. And after assuming who all will be inside, I had no intention in staying back. But then bro already got himself seated on the wheels. So it was me after all. I walked back to the villa. This time though… it was an all too different feeling. It was just like good old college days. I could feel the adrenaline pumping up and touching my throat through my heart and stomach.

The owner and his wife were already out, and so It was easy for me to guide them to the lawn and show them the view from the back. After an hour of pointless cautious owner-builder talk, we went into the house, and for the first time, the thing I built up like my baby felt alien to me. The walls, the fittings, the cornice work, everything seemed to look like strangers. But then soon enough I was saved by a phone call, They had to rush to pick up someone who eventually got lost in a 5 km long array of identical villas. So before anything explosive happened, I rushed to the door right after they left. But then, someone ran in to me from the back, and hugged me real tight. And I stopped.

So many images flew past right in front of my eyes that spilt second. And then I heard her voice. “I missed you… I missed you too much…” With that the hug tightened. Her voice was way sweeter than the last time I heard it. And comforting too.Then finally after some time, I turned myself towards her. It had been some thirteen odd years, and now after all this time, she was as beautiful, and elegant as she was then. Maybe more. But she was in tears. And somehow I didn’t think much. I wiped them of gently from her smooth round cheeks, and helped the hair strands that had elegantly kissed the frontal part of her ear lobes…

And then, just as instantaneously as the whole episode went, she kissed me… just like that. That was too much turbulence for me. After all those years… I thought, and suddenly, all I could think of was her, just her… I landed my lips gently on her cheeks…then around the lips, under the neck…

Soon we found ourselves mouth to mouth… so comforting was that feeling, that sudden quenching blow to every kind of thirst, to every shortcomings, and contentment filled my eyes soon enough. And after so many years, tears ran down my cheek to moisten the intersection of our lips… It was pure…

“Diddi!!”, came the call from the room above. It was her sister. We hastened ourselves out of the osculation. Just as timed as it was, my phone rang. It was mom. So without saying anything I rushed outside to my villa to my mom…




8 Responses to “Finally a STORY!!”

  1. Sriram Says:

    Wah man.. functional and beautiful fiction!
    Well I was actually thinkin of blogging something similar to this (similar as in the mushy part 😉 but then I changed my mind.. telepathy eh buddy?
    And for gods sake, remove the damn disclaimer.. why make it look suspicious?

  2. n i t i n Says:


    Thanks man…
    Yeah I think the telepathic connection is pretty strong.. onnumillelum Diary milk enthraaya share cheythathu chem hoursil!!! 😀

    Yeah Disclaimer removed. But you know how retards are…they are..hmm..well retards! 😐

  3. das Says:

    :) this is nt a real story? 😀 after all…to get a kiss from a girl when u r 19 only :P…

  4. n i t i n Says:

    well, if you are saying that

    I am a 19 year old technical counselor and I also happen to architect villas for people to live, and I also drive an SUV.

    I missed that girl for like 13 long years… so I might have been 6 years old then uh?

    And then it is a real story…
    No doubt!!

  5. Jennie Says:

    Seriously speaking I didn’t like it so much!! you can do better (sorry yar)

  6. urgu Says:


  7. n i t i n Says:

    Woah! Goood going yaar. Right into my face. You are one reader I am proud of having. You read, and say it out loud, whatever it is.

    Thanks for the assessment.
    will try to do better.

  8. n i t i n Says:


    dude…atleast say something..shitty, goood, bad, whatever.

    frankly. I’m dying to get your comment…

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