Guilt free pass.

Yes, my pointless existence will enter its 20th year this May, and It’s high time I did a quick rewind on every uninteresting crap through these 19 years of nothingness. But before I blab out all that crap of a public platform, lemme tell you about my recent findings.

Eventually my Learner’s License ran out yet again, as I continually fail to get my lazy arse to the Driver’s test ground every such day. But then with the Helmet, and at times the Seat Belt, It’s equivalent to having a License in Trivandrum city. It’s been kinda 2 to 3 years I’ve been doing this, and I never had to go behind the ‘steel bars of enlightenment’.

Then again, yesterday there comes a ‘doctor’s’ message that Diarrhea is hereditary…just because it runs in your Jeans! And for all those hardcore IPL fans out there to cheer for King Khan’s team, He has no problem with his Left hand, Its just a Manish Malhotra ‘Oh…I look fractured, so dont desert me my fans!’ accessory..A sympathy raincloud!! Just look closely at his deer-eating promo! And where is the PETA this time??

I know that most girls get so annoyed by my writing that they make issues out of it…even sell their crotch to get rid of me. But no one can make me stop! I’m invincible! Muhaha! Remember the pink top I pissed off last time. But that actually was my balls speaking. I did go on to be a nice guy, do the puppy eyes, and ask for forgiveness. After that, that issue went into my trash.

Pretending to be the nice guy was the hardest thing I ever did. And that has eventually become a habit I guess. My first impression is always good…n  i just don’t know why!! Then eventually they find out that I am a sadistic f^ckface who just wants aesthetic satisfaction from gore. But that’s not my fault either. I’ve put that out as disclaimers all over, even on the right hand side of this page..see! And its your right hand not mine!!

Then there were all these sex comedies all over the place. that prompted every bloke to bone the very next pink thing in his proximity. Then came Wolverine, Transformers, and Narnia! There was this South Park episode last month or so, about the Jonas Brothers 3d Concert, and unlike their fag performances which make every cunt dry, this episode was worth watching. It even had Mickey Mouse!! Beat that you fag heads!

And I still hate coffee. Now you can see why there is so much information in his page. I am a f^ckin genius!! Bow down to my awesomeness or I’ll have you skullf^ckd by a vampiric labrador!

And yes, all this has nothing what-so-ever to do with the title!


Okay, so I have drifted off the topic by a lil bit. But that doesnt spoil your tolerance value in any way no? What say you puny humanoid robots?


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