U.P.S n Downs…

As you already know, there has been news of KSEB(Kerala State Electricity Board/Kill Se Electric Bitch) of turning to the private sector, to become a company of its own. (Phew! finally!) Yeah, I know the bills will suck, but atleast we will get less blackouts n shit…hopefully! But then my UPS has been bugging me for some time now… some 20 seconds into backup, its already in Overload. 😐

ups, power supply, alarm, indian comics, computer, frustration, india comedy
Fly You Fools – Indian Comics about Life.


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5 Responses to “U.P.S n Downs…”

  1. Hari Says:

    Lol, Fly You Fools is the best indian webcoming EVER!!

    Do check out this one:

    It’s the Indian Failblog – created by a friend of mine. Too Good!! 😀

  2. Hari Says:

    Er, I meant, “webcomic”. 😉 My keyboard’s getting stuck… aargh!!!!!!!!!

  3. n i t i n Says:

    @hari bhai

    lol…buy a new one bro… 😛

    and yeah… I sure do agree with ya..

  4. mehdi Says:

    hi mr
    your blogs very very very top
    pictures very good
    sorry im iranian . i write engilish weak

  5. mehdi Says:

    wow india ?!
    wordprees fine

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