That night she couldn’t sleep. Maybe she was sleeping all these years, and had woken up only now. But she woke up to nothing more than a sense of loneliness. The air was cold, but she didn’t shiver. Not even one bit. She had lost her chill, and felt the warmth already… traversing from point to point through isotherms, decapitating any laws of thermodynamics and meteorology that were left in the scope of her intellect. But she didn’t mind. She was never lonely, ever in her life, never before. But that night, she couldn’t find peace. She wanted to share, her life, her soul, everything, but she was alone. How ironic the world makes itself seem. One second it puts you in a cradle surrounded by care and the next second, you are to be self-employed man, sometimes an employed man under some self-employed man, selling your own worth for peanuts.


But Tyler had it all figured out. He was a complete man. Girls died over him, and there was always one with him to bed. He wore shades, dressed like a celebrity, but all he did was rob… rob someone of his car, rob someone of his condo, but more, rob someone of his own self. He never hesitated to kill, he was fearless, and he kicked ass like Sly Stallone in the 90s’. But then, to think he was another person was out of the question. He was you, and me, your father, your best friend, your brother, your lover, he was everyone, and still was no-one. He was everywhere but nowhere. *Snap!* Here’s how our story begins!

Maybe all she wanted was the comfort of a guy, all he wanted was material. He was cold, and he was a bastard! But then just like that she changed him. She changed him to something totally contradicting Tyler’s whole existence. He was a new man. He was T.

T wanted to love Leah, but he wasnt strong enough to take pain. Still he was innocent enough. So he loved her. And she loved him. And they loved each other. But they had to part one day. And that day was a year ago.

So today, she was awake, but was he? Maybe she loved him too much, ‘cos after they parted they had made a promise… a promise to see each other. Did he forget? How could he? Was she just a puppet… just another one of Tyler’s playthings… or did she actually change him to T. But she believed. She believed in T. And so she didnt feel the cold in her skin. Her hair didnt rise when the cold wind blew over her naked skin… maybe it was because she had waxed herself to perfection, maybe…

She did not have one drop of tear on her face, but he had. Looking down to her, he couln’t bear to see her in pain. But he was happy for her. Atleast she didnt know he was gone, and to never come back. That would have broken her to pieces, and he never wanted her to feel pain. He had promised her that. But his fate was done with. The Shinigami had written his fate in his Deathnote that very day they parted. And so he watched, as he tried to reach her, and hug her. And so she felt warm.

The End. Or is it?



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