At times you think you know a lot of things. But then those are times… just times… at the end of it, you blandly realize the fact that You are more wrong than How wrong you expected yourself to be. Human relationships are like human beings. They are never certain, Hollow at times, and at times, totally reason-void. Now with my rep-sheet, you might be wondering if this is one of those posts, but no, This is a totally different one. I assure you that part at the least. But then to come to think of it from the surface itself, you can see crystal clear to where I’m going. Okay, lets cut the intro part on this one to only this much.

In my 19 years of life, I’ve met a lot of people. But then to come to think of it, only few remain as constants, both in the case of friendship and in the case of acquaintances. o which point I’ve realized that, there are some people who we meet, and when we come in contact with them, we somehow know where we are with them. It’s not like a normal relationship building thing, where the first impression, or the lasting impression decides everything. To those people, There is no need of the “impressing them” part. All they are interested is in your true self, and vice avers.

It’ll be so damn clear about where they stand in our lives. There’ll be no confusion, there’ll be no “That’s Complicated” terminology and there will be No answer for the question… “What is your relation with him/her?” Of-course, we come up with satisfactory answers for ourselves n unsatisfactory ones for the general people, who seem so hollow in their WYSIWYG attitude. But then at the end of the day, Impressing the crowd doesn’t matter, until unless you are some celebrity with a decent fan following.

Here is where I confess. I’m smart enough to know what people think of me, and even smarter enough to know how to ignore them. But then, the only thing that pains me is the fact that the people I ignore think I’m totally clueless about the shit they are throwing at me. Yeah, I know the whole idea of my ignorance is ironic, but then That lil fact, I just cant ignore.

Now to the practical part. To be honest, I’m just 19 and I don’t want to think about my future love-life. Of-course, I’m a lil concerned about my education n all, but then I don’t mix n drive… Its only when someone asks you in the face about the former, will you realize you are at a total baseless point. That time, I choose to ignore reality altogether and warp to my dreamworld. And that’s how I’m still together, in one piece.

From a point where there is no reason, why do we always have to drag ourselves to a place where you have to justify your past, present n future? And even worse, is it even worth it? Why can’t we just dream on, follow our own instincts, n get there when we get there. I’m siting an example: Why are we so worried about the prospective relative conflicts that may occur from some marriage that may happen some 6 years later(definitely not hoping for it), when we are totally in love with each other? Is it even a reason to move on, by stopping what is going on strong, and without any particular reason, just because there’ll be some shit happening if whatever happens the way we are postulated? “If” “What If”.. Are these words totally deciding where we are going? And the worst part is, due to all this shit, we try to make up reasons for which there are no reasons. “I don’t know. I love you so very much. But then at the end of it, We both know it wont work out. And at that point, we would have grown real close to each other like inseparable souls. And if we try to separate us then due to this reason, we may both be ending up in disaster n pain… So lets move on… But then I miss you.” Maybe its my shit attitude towards practicality and “If” at times, but can anyone explain to me why I should do whatever that’s supposed to be done, rather than do what I want? Can’t I ever do what my heart feels like? Why should I let my fcking brain override the shit outta it? Maybe we’ll hurt ourselves if at all it comes. But then Why can’t we love each other till it chances, if at all it comes to that point in the first place?

Ohkay… this is one way of seeing it. But it’s not always this relationship that’s in question. Various others too. Why should practicality ever ruin what is good now? And Why are we letting it ruin it and our happiness? When did all of us become so self-centered, to only think of ourselves in the future? Why can’t we make our dreams, both emotional and the rest as our goals, and try to achieve them, for which we have to be successful in the first place.

What I’m trying to say is… Why can’t we extend our dreams beyond the materialistic bit, ’cause suppose we reach all that we dream of like that and achieve all of that, wouldn’t there be something still missing? Why cant we prioritize those things, so that we’ll jump the hurdles n reach there, rather than making the second last hurdle the finish line? This was one message “Love Aaj Kal” gave, beyond the surface plot n message. And almost every soul missed it. Hope you got what I wanted to tell you from this panoply of rabidness.


Maybe it wont happen, maybe it can’t happen… Maybe you know that.

But then its still a “Maybe”…


9 Responses to “radicalshit.”

  1. Sriram Says:

    Ignorance is bliss macha.. and the world is an illusion.


  2. Hari Says:

    It’s high time you chose the red pill! 😛

  3. /urgu Says:

    veruthe inganethe oro post cheythitt enna cheyyanaa? comments will be pithy, off-tangent and monosyllabic. I think i have ADD or something man, i didnt read a word. Skimmed, caught a few words here n there, caught the drift and came right down to the comments.

  4. n i t i n Says:

    Yeah… I guess so man…

    Hmm… I’m considering it…


  5. Veda Says:

    If only things were that simple…you wouldn’t know what you want until you’ve had it and lost it..that makes things harder.

    nice write up..love the picture! 🙂

  6. n i t i n Says:


    I dont know what people may interpret from all this… But then its safe to say that I’ve tasted that feeling, if not, atleast scratched it from the surface… 😛

    but from where I am now, that looks like nothing at all… Maybe life just got bloody serious with me all of a sudden… But then, i’ll always remain this way to play the part of the Jock.


  7. Jennie Says:

    man… that was something… I am someone who try to think than feel but often fail in it.. you know what I often hear just the opposite to what you said.. it often feelings that fail reason but … anyhow.. i recomment songs of as i lay dying!! [:P]

  8. n i t i n Says:


    Maybe, its because people reach that state at various points of their life, at different states of their sanity. Or maybe, it depends a lot upon the people who envelope you and in that way, affect your feelings, which may in turn override the whole feeling-emotion-reason connection altogether. Or maybe, you have yet to see and feel more, or maybe you have been there and back. You’ll never know… After all, we are humans… We all live on chance, not choice.

    And someone recommended me Lips of an Angel by Hinder. It’s a beautiful song, now.

  9. ariyathe Says:

    I think you copied and pasted this from my brain, of course with a better sense of words and flow!
    But ditto the thought stream, it’s pretty crazy.. !

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