plain love.


There was this really innocent girl. But then, she was sweet, and gorgeous. To be really honest, she wasn’t a bitch. But then, maybe that was the reason why her guys always used her. Maybe, that’s the reason she had to learn everything the hard way. But then, the important fact is that, she learned to live. Everyone loved her, but they all took her for granted. And now, after all these years, she found herself a guy, someone, who she could relate to, on each n every point of her life. He loved her. She loved him. But she knew this wouldn’t happen. He knew that too. Even with all the pain he had been through, he had finally found that one person, how could he let her go? But she couldn’t risk giving him more of the suffering. She knew what he had been through. Maybe, she had been there too. At some point of time, she knowingly sacrificed her sense of losing him, over the fact that their inevitable separation, which will chance only years later, would end in more pain that they could take. But nothing is inevitable here. Everything can change. But she loves him. He loves her. And their families love them. The only fact that separates them is what the society had made, in an effort to glorify everything.

It may sound silly. But it’s a serious issue nevertheless. And the way it is now, all of these seem like impervious dykes they cannot pass. Of course, their love is strong enough to emotionally cut down such a barriers, which they have done long back, by falling in love in the first place. But as far as practicality is concerned, there are serious issues to be addressed. She is lost… he is lost. But they are two souls in love. It’s the future that’s uncertain, and it’s the society that’s the hurdle. They can’t be another Romeo-Juliet in all this, for they have grown out of that age-old romances long ago. But then, all this changes nothing. They are in love. They’ll always be in love. It’s the bond between them, that is too strong for any reason like this to break, but being a couple, to live their love with each other, seems so very far away. He cannot run from it like this forever, he knows. And she cannot stand the fact that it is what it is. They so badly want to be together. Each day they talk, they are drawn closer and closer to each other, and each second they don’t see or hear from each other, they tend to love each other more n more. This has landed them in a total complicated situation where they are in love; they want to be with each other, but at the end, after all this (they think) they know it will not happen. How ironic life turned out to be!


14 Responses to “plain love.”

  1. /urgu Says:

    Nirashaa kamukan, alle… desp aakathe 🙂

    Beautiful piece. Loved it entirely. Finally you seem to have learnt to harness all that seeming randomness and bursts of downtime.

  2. n i t i n Says:

    @urgu 🙂
    thanks bro. I’ll try to come up with more.

  3. Sriram Says:

    oh man… sniff.. senti stuff.. Cheerio enjaay while it lasts. Fuck the future!

  4. n i t i n Says:


    yes man. 🙂

    Athreyullu aliya athreyullu!!! \m/

  5. Anjali Says:

    aww beautifully heart-touching.. soooo sweet and soo sad.

  6. n i t i n Says:


    Yes, it is. But then now, it is over. And he or she couldn’t do anything about it. 😦

    It was the best till it lasted.

  7. Jennie Says:

    Want to say I’ve been there but when you wrote it down it became something…. classic than a crappy chapter in someones life [:P]. You have put it down so beautifully, in a way that one can’t see it and read it but only feel it and know it. Awsome!!

  8. Neeraj Shinde Says:

    Nitin – I liked the story. This reminds me of any other hindi films that portrays the wicked world and two souls in love. This is my first time here and overall I feel that your are a budding writer. Good work in progress. I want you to go ahead with this. Do focus on your writing style and the flow of the events you are trying to pen. It is this feature that sticks the reader to your content. Best Luck!

  9. n i t i n Says:


    Thanks bro. I’m indeed humbled n honoured. Never thought I’d get such a great feedback… 🙂 I’ll try write up more, n even better. Thanks for droppin by.


    Hey!! Thanks man… I thought I could do better after what you threw me @ my last post…. and now when you give me such a nice feedback, I guess, I’m back..thanks again. 🙂

  10. damsel Says:

    tada! the much awaited comment.

    kunjaniya(to acknowledge that i know that you are 19 and so, a little boy;)} didn’t know you had two blogs, this was the one i visited first, and liked. the other site, which the twitter now links to-the black blawg. nah, too long !!:P

    this was the first post i read, and i am really sorry i didnt comment earlier-wasn’t logged in, and was lazy to type in the username,pwrd and the lot. anyway, loved this writeup. i cannot say why exactly, maybe because it told in simple language what the journey of love is all about.(for the unlucky ones). i mean like-most of us pass through a phase of a very painful first love, then find the true love,only to be met with more obstacles learning ultimately that God has this habit of poking us mortals, giving us hope by showing us things what we can’t have, and take it away from us saying, “aiyye pattiche!”

    will be reading furthur, nice language and style you got there.!!:)

    ennu swanthum chechi.

  11. n i t i n Says:

    @swantham chechi:

    aaha!!! good to here you lied it. 🙂 and yeah, I have to blogs. The darker ones are to vent out my deadly feelings, so that I feel better. This is where I just right down my feelings, n stories n stuff. after all, here is where I started blogging… :mrgreen:

    and danku ente swantham chechi… I’ll try to write up more n more like this. 🙂 🙂

    Ciao. 😀
    Have fun. Happy new year in advance!!!! :mrgreen:

    -ennu swantham ‘aniyan’

    PS: you didnt have to go through so much trouble to tell me about your age…. haha! 😛

  12. sruthi Says:

    desp story..btw..wat was the hurdle b/w em??ahem..atho “kadhayil chodyam illa?”

  13. n i t i n Says:


    you’ve already answered ur question…. :mrgreen:

    btw, good to see ya here. 🙂

  14. pranab Says:

    broo……the post was awesome……u made me read it ….there was aa kind of suspense…felt u repeated certain things lil too much…..may be iam wrong…iam no one to criticise….any way u have got a future ……..keep writing…….

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