Vee are the World.


“And so there I stood, looking into the horizon. What I was searching for was the same thing I wanted in my life. A break. But then I somehow came to the horrifying conclusion that neither the horizon, nor my life would ever have that. It’s always continuous, and one event would lead to another and so on, just like the continual unending water meniscus before me. It has even come to a point where I have to test my mental integrity. But that didn’t happen till Vee said it. She said she loved me. I was shocked at first, but then under my brotherly figure, I wanted to hear that anyway. So in short, I was in relief that I didn’t have to feel guilty of my thoughts anymore. Vee was one girl who was always there in my life. She had a crush on me from the very beginning, and I just blew it with that brotherly dialogue of mine. I didn’t realize then, how I would have wounded her. But now I know… that was one deep cut in her. Vee won’t ever admit it anyway. But then when she said that in my face, I could see her eyes. They were strong, and they told me whatever she didn’t want to tell me. That is, she still is. But then, she knew all my stories. She used to sympathize, yet always compare her to whoever I fell for, and then draw a conclusion that she wasn’t that good. But reality was far more different. That’s why I wanted her to be always with me, by my side. But just like life’s stupid games, came a day, when I looked into her eyes, n saw that strength in her, that she mastered to tell me the truth, so that I may know it before it’s too late. But just right after, at that millisecond, she started doubting herself. That very instant, I realized I was the late one. And she had gone. Just like everyone else. Leaving me alone in this world. And now I’m staring at the deep blue ocean trying to derive the reason for my condition. May be I shouldn’t have told it. Maybe I moved in too fast. Maybe, it’s worth a wait, just like how the shore waits for the same wave to kiss it again…”

And so went his diary. I could see myself as one big asshole to read it. It was full of him and just him only. But I could see myself in it…in a way. Drifting away from the ones who loved you was always easy. It’s getting them back that was the pita. Wait! Wait a second! I know this Vee! That’s when I realized. It was her… It was her all along. My brother fancied her, but I hadn’t known. So stupid of me! OMG! They loved each other so much… and yet they parted. And everything else was just a lie, one big lie! Now I understand why they cannot face each other now… after all these years, they still are in love… Why big brother, how did all this happen?? How come you both aren’t together! How come you both punished yourselves like this! Why??

Maybe, life wasn’t that simple. I shouldn’t ask. But I must find out. So I turned to the next page…



2 Responses to “Vee are the World.”

  1. Rahul Muralidharan Says:

    hmmm…v for vendetta…

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