************************** Here **************************

Five minutes into it and he was lost. She looked at him. The moment their eyes met, she turned away. She was a gutsy girl, but whenever she found him staring at her, something inflated her off all that. And that very moment, she felt she was nothing but a small baby girl longing for her father’s warmth. But she longed for his. Her every movement started to feel guilt-prone, something was pulling her to it; nevertheless, something was pulling her to him. It’s then that she felt happy, and sad, all at the same time. It was defying all her logic, and denting her intelligence, but something was pulling her towards it.

He thought to he was impermeable, he thought nothing would ever affect him, he thought he was free from all the urges of life. Until that day. He sat there, staring. Her beauty, was affecting him, even to a point that it was hurting him. He never knew what went through her mind. They were so different, so very opposite, but he felt that connection. It was like achieving a whole, man’s search to completion. And they so very well complemented each other.

************************** Elsewhere **************************

She held his arms so tight that he even doubted she’d break it into two. “I can’t control myself, I want a hug.” He looked at her in awe. He loved being dominated. But, the look in her eyes… he hugged her, and then just like that kissed her on the lips. She jumped up from her seat. That very second, he was expected something bad, but it didn’t happen. She looked down to him, and bit her lips. Then a smile. His life force retuned to him. And then just like that she kissed him back. This time, it was tight, long one, and on the cheeks. He didn’t mind. He loved every moment of it.

I love you”, he said. Just then he noticed…she was in tears. She hugged him tight n said, “Oh, I didn’t want this to happen, I wanted to fight you, not love you more, now I’ll miss you even more. It pains. I hate you. I hate you.” He looked at her and smiled. Her eyes said everything. She loved him more than anything in this world. They were in love, and nothing else.


We all have different desires and needs, but if we don’t discover what we want from ourselves and what we stand for, we will live passively and unfulfilled.” – Calvin


8 Responses to “Now.”

  1. /urgu Says:

    Wah, wah! kamaal kar diya bhai. fuckawesome.

  2. Hari Says:

    Two perspectives. Nice. 😀

    You should write more stories. 🙂

  3. n i t i n Says:

    People, Dank Danku very much. **in tears** so much happiness….

    Ehm… So, yeah….

    @urgu Oh… aliya, I’m humbled.

    @hari I never thought I could pull this off… oru chance edutthatha… and Yeah abt more, I will. For sure. 🙂

  4. neeraj Says:

    Hi Nitin, As I understand that your post is a very good attempt to emphasize the quote by Calvin! Nice to read! I agree with the underlying message! Keep up the good work!

  5. Sriram Says:

    Great mach.. it just flows 🙂 Now u understand what they meant when they say u need the ‘inspiration’ vo 😀

  6. n i t i n Says:

    @neeraj Oh..thanks man… After all, I love Calvin n Hobbes. =))

    @sriram Hehe, yes bro… Inspiration. :mrgreen:

  7. Archie Says:

    hahah… Lovely my boy…

    keep it up.. ❤

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