Tower Burger Patty, Femme Fatale and What the Fuck!

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Fillion Montson:

And there he was. Like always. It just seemed that this time he had it. The Restaurant seemed to be a distant dream now. he didn’t know what to choose now. But above all that, he dint know what he really wanted. He couldn’t digest what he saw. It was huge. And taller than what he could ever have imagined anything bearing such a name to be. Anyway, that time was long back, and looking back to it seemed to ease some of his inborn urges. And then he concluded. It was the patty. It has always been the patty. He was always specific with what he wanted. A Tower Hamburger, with Cheese and Bacon, with a pinch of Pepper. Whatever the mushy yet grainy bread made for sheer awesomeness, it all came down to the patty, and it was the Patty that decided the Burger. Not the crust, not the topping, not the sauces, but the Patty, and the Patty alone.



Lisa Himax Rayce:

She was exhausted. But that was the least of her problems now. It had broke. The idea of double walling never worked, she knew that, but he was adamant. And he was stupid. But all that drowned in the pure pleasure she fed herself with, then. And it was only now that she saw what had happened. After one and a half months. How could she be so careless? She stared at her very reflection on the mirror. She had to become what she feared the most. A murderer…

She always had a choice. It was clear. But she drowned it for the immediacy. And now she has come to regret it. She had been a symbol of the femme fatale. But this time she had to stop his breath before he saw the light of the world.


Joeyce Junior:

He checked the harness. And rechecked it, and rechecked it. But he didn’t trust himself. Everyone around him were staring at him, he thought. But they weren’t. All he could hear were jokes that were made to kill the tension, kill the fear, the jerk of which was to hit them any moment now. But that is not what his brain interpreted it to be. They were shouting in unison: “You dont have it in you. You will.. Hah! haha, look at your face douchebag!” And that is when every single noise was silenced with a screech. It was from below, and as he looked down to the blue paint-coated controller booth, he saw a young man wearing “Jinga Jikka Amusement Park: Ya havin’ fun yet?” blue-cream themed tee push the button. And so the Roller coaster came into life…


And that is when sturdy Fillion snapped. And that is when the sexy Lisa snapped. And that is when the young Joeyce snapped. They Puked. Again.





2 Responses to “Tower Burger Patty, Femme Fatale and What the Fuck!”

  1. Sriram Says:

    Eh? Is it becuase I’m awake at this rather early hour? Or was it meant to be?
    Dude, WTF!!??

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