Well Well Well…

Life is such. Shit Happens.

Speaking of which, I think it is fair and a good time to welcome be back after my unexpected break from WordPress. Usually, as you people know about me, a girl would chance as a reason for this, but trust me, this has nothing to do with anything dildo-philic.

Now, I just went through my whole WordPress and found out that I was blogging since the Winter of 2006. Phew, 5 years. and did anything change? Yes. It did.

For starters, just look at how I operate things now. I’m writing down this post to revive my 10k user-hit website, which also shows how less desperate I am this days.

Lets say I have come to peace with the fact that every one, at the end of the day, lives for him/herself only, and it doesn’t matter how nice a goody goody pants you are, you still wont take no shit if anything that is affected you and only you, is tampered with.

My point is, I am back, bitches!


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